Quality Professional Development Training Delivered by Industry Experts

We deliver quality staff and management workplace communications training that supports the professional growth of individuals and teams.

Jim & Janet Tumulty Directors New Links Training Solutions

Our core values focus on achieving excellence through people, providing expert-driven resources and delivering quality assured client-centred training. We deliver interactive training workshops that challenge staff and management to think creatively (and critically) about how to excel in their role.

Our continuous professional development programmes ensure that staff performance is aligned with current industry standards that support the business towards optimal growth and staff retention. Our management and leadership programs are developed through consultation with business owners and managers to ensure that the training provided is 100% focused on improving the performance of the individual and the organisation.

We work with businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes and our strength lies in our interest in the company and its core values. We will consult with you and your team to ensure that the training that you receive is fit for purpose and achieves the outcomes that you need to increase the performance of your team.  Click here to meet the team.