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Professional Development


Bespoke training options for companies and employees

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Train the Trainer


Design and deliver effective quality assured training programmes.

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Careers Centre

careers center

We offer a range of services to career minded clients who are planning their next move in the jobs market.  

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This course will create an understanding of the organisational and workplace context within which performance and career development takes place.

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Good facilitation is the key to successful meetings and group interactions. Effective facilitation is guaranteed to promote successful outcomes for a group or a team.

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Upon successful completion of your security programme, apply for your Private Security Authority (PSA) Licence. Who should complete this training? Our courses will be…

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A comprehensive training programme developed to prepare learners for employment in retail selling situations. This course will benefit those who wish to progress towards…

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Tourism & Hospitality

tourism and hospitality

Our ability to deliver first class service to our international guests helps us to increase the number of visitors to Ireland and helps to maintain excellent economic growth.

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New Links Training Solutions is a well-established provider of quality professional development training and career planning programmes who work with many CE Schemes

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Thank you for considering New Links Training Solutions for your training needs. Founded in 2009 we are dedicated to providing quality professional development training courses and Career Coaching services to individuals and groups. We deliver innovative training programmes that are designed to help your organisation achieve desired results.

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their full potential by ensuring that our courses are engaging, relevant and progressive.

Now, more than ever we understand that businesses want meaningful and measurable results which we aim to deliver through our tailored training courses.

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Janet Tumulty


Janet brings a wealth of professional and personal experience to New Links Training Solutions . She has extensive experience working with groups from the business, community and academic sectors.

Jim Tumulty


As Business Development and Operations Manager for New Links Training Solutions, Jim puts clients and their training needs to the forefront of programme development and delivery.

Susan Hogan


Providing administration support to our learners and tutors, Susan is on hand to help and support you throughout your learning experience.

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