Recently our team at New Links Training Solutions met with a group of people completing our “Job Start – Career Coaching Programme”.  The Job Start programme is designed to meet the needs of the long or short term unemployed including trainees on Community Employment Schemes / LTIs or TUS programmes.  During our trip to Carrick for this programme, I was delighted to see the enthusiasm of those attending and the eagerness to walk away with a plan of action for their job search and CV preparation or even just one additional tip that would help in the job search or getting that all important CV perfected. Carrickbeg Job Start

Together as a group we discussed what transferable skills someone can take from a previous job into their current CV and job search so that the job market opens up to them different areas and industries. IT is important to remember that just because you have worked in a certain industry all of your life that these skills may just apply to another industry and we all must keep an open mind during our job search to see what transferable skills we actually do have.

During the course of the programme, we discussed many others items including the all-important CV and cover letter.   Completing one to one CV workshops was beneficial to the group; it meant that someone independently was looking at their CV and providing them with instant feedback on the impressions given.  This person could see exactly if their CV was telling the full story and was a true reflection of them and their skills.

It was great for the team at New Links Training Solutions to get feedback from those who attended on the day. It was fantastic to speak to people attending who now feel ready and prepared for their job search and (hopefully) upcoming interviews.  The majority of those attending on the day felt involved and engaged in the process with the rest of the group, with 94% now having a much better understanding of how to best prepare for work and also with our useful handbook provided, these trainees are also prepared for the future.

Emma who completed the course had this to say to the team at the end of the day. ” I would recommend this course to people who need to look at their CV preparation.  The course helped coach and teach us on what to expect at interview. I would recommend this course as it prepare and helps educate us towards work”

If you are interested in attending a job start or a career coaching session, please contact us.