New Links Training Solutions are delighted to announce that our Coaching FETAC Level 6 programme will commence at the beginning of April 2013.  The Coaching programme is FETAC level 6 programme and is designed for those working as supervisors, managers and others who wish to have the skills to develop individual performance within the workplace.

Coaching is a powerful development tool for any supervisor or manager to have in their skill set. It has been used successfully within many industries over the last number of years and more often companies are beginning to realise the result of investing in the development of their employees in the engaging and two way process of coaching. By successfully using a coaching model this will not only improve the skill set of the employee but can lead to an increase of revenue generated within the company.

This course aims to create an understanding of the organisational and workplace context within which performance and career development takes place and it will provide the skills, knowledge and tools required to undertake coaching projects.

Completed in five modules, the following areas are covered during he time on this programme.

Module One: Understanding and using the coaching model.

Learners will look back over their own personal and career lives and reflect on their own experiences of being coached.  During this time learners will understand how and why individual performance can be improved through coaching.

Module Two: Questioning and Listening

Asking the right questions in the right way will help you to grow and develop as a coach.  Through this module, learners will have an understanding of different questioning techniques that can be used in order to ascertain a required goal. By asking questions and truly listening, we can frame or reframe a challenge which we may face.

Module Three: Building the coaching relationship.

It is important in order to have an effective coaching relationship that we must first build a solid foundation for it. Building rapport with a client is an essential way to establish and build this relationship.  This module of training will help learners acquire new skills in order to create this relationship and gain commitment to the coaching objectives.

Module Four: Building Personal Effectiveness as a coach.

When you are establishing and building your relationships as a coach it is important that you have an understanding of the importance of values and beliefs within your client and the coaching process. This module will help you to prepare your plan for individual coaching plan and sessions and help establish procedures for recording your outcomes.

Module Five: Managing a coaching programme

This module will help the learner gain an understanding of the importance of a coaching programme and how this programme can help an individual and an organisation reach its required goals along with supporting the organisations values. Understanding the impact a coaching programme has on other areas within the organisation and also within the professional development of employees.

If you are interested in registering for this course or would like more information please contact us.