Congratulations you have been successful in being selected for interview, but unfortunately the hard work is not over just yet. You need to ensure that you are prepared for the interview and below we will discuss some things that you can work on that will help you make that right impression needed to snag that job.

  • Ring and Confirm – Ring the day before your interview to confirm your appointment and time.  If you think that you need any further directions to the office than ask at this point.
  • Research the employer – Inevitably you will be asked a question regarding the company you are interviewing with. What do you know about the company? Take a look at their website, read their website thoroughly to discover what services they are offering; what clients are using their services. Larger companies tend to have their press releases and company profit and loss results on their website, take a moment to read them through and know some of their company highlights.
  • Staff Profiles – Most companies will have a page dedicated to the staff that are working in the company. Take a moment to read through this page and get to know who the main decision makers in the company are. Look at their background and what it took for them to get that position. Putting faces to the company will help you become more relaxed in the interview and make you feel like you belong.
  • Plan your route to the interview.  With Google maps and AA route planner there is no excuse to be late for any interview.  Both of these websites will show you an approximate time that it will take you to travel to the location. This is a guideline and it may take longer than that. Remember to take in to account for any traffic delays such as road maintenance or general rush hour traffic.    If you are taking a bus to the interview, make sure you that take the bus that is going to get you there too early rather than just in time.  If you get lost – ring and ask for directions. If you are going to be late – ring and advise. Don’t leave your future employer waiting.
  • Plan your wardrobe – Plan the night before what you are wearing. do not leave it until the morning of your interview to have a wardrobe crisis.  Or to find out that you have no clean shirt. Plan the night before so that there are no unexpected surprises the morning of your interview.      What you wear is very important, remember that you want to give off an image of professionalism at all times so ensure that what you are wearing reflects this.
  • Bring references with you – Even if it is not specifically mentioned in any previous correspondence preempt what your future employer may require from you. Be prepared. If you have written references than bring two copies of each so that you can provide them to those interviewing.  The majority of companies will have two people interviewing so ensure that you can provide both with a copy.  Ensure that you also have contact information for your references so that if necessary your future employer can contact the referees.  With references in mind, ensure that you have chosen referees that you can trust and that will answer the phone to your future employers call.
  • Bring copies of your qualification  – whether specifically asked or not if you have specific qualifications required for the position you are applying for than bring copies of your qualifications with you.
  • If you don’t know the answer to an question, admit that you don’t. There is no failure in admitting that you don’t know something. Honesty is always the best policy and perhaps the question you are being asked about is something that you will learn more about when working for that company. If you waffle on about a subject you don’t know anything about – you could just be talking yourself out of the job.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.  There are many questions that we know will be asked before we walking in to the interview room therefore this allows us plenty of additional time to prepare.  Some general questions include: What can you bring to the company? Why do you want to work here? Tell me about yourself? why did you leave your last job?  Do yourself a favour and prepare your answers to these questions before you walk in to the interview room. Don’t leave anything to chance – if you already have your answers prepared for these questions you will feel much more relaxed at the interview.

Never leave any of the above points until the day of or the night before the interview – give yourself time to complete each of these steps mentioned above. This will allow you to concentrate on the interview only on the day rather than rushing to get items photocopied or finding what you are going to require.

Remember fail to prepare – prepare to fail.