At New Links Training Solutions, we love when we receive feedback from our lFrom our customersearners.   Recently we received some wonderful feedback from our learners who are currently on our Momentum Skills programme.  Momentum is supported by the Labour Market Education & Training Fund which is part of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs programme and is administered by FÁS. This initiative is funded by the European Social Fund/European Structural Funds Programme 2007-2013.

Our Momentum Skills programme, Train to Work Options 5 offers learners the chance to undertake a series of modules including, Health and Safety, Customer Service, Communications, Social Studies, Sports and Recreation and work experience.  Along with completing a work placement whilst on the programme, our learners are making the most of this programme and as you can see from below, they are loving this programme.

“I think that on finishing this course, the work experience will benefit me most as I have experience working in the field that I would like to get a job in.  I feel my own personal goals are being met as I now have more tools to help get work and I also have improved on my CV and cover letter.   I am now also better prepared for interviews.  This course and the work placement are of great benefit to me as I have work experience in the field that I want to get a job in and I feel with this experience I have a better chance of getting the job!”

“My work placement is benefiting me greatly, as I have recently been accepted for a college placement.   This is the job I hope to be in someday.  The communications and customer service skills are of great benefit.”

“This course has shown me that I can do anything I want and most of the modules will benefit what career path I take.  As I want to be a youth worker, the social studies module has helped me to meet my goals.  My work placement has benefited me as this is the work that I have chosen and I want to be working at in the future”