Tip of the Week 060114

Networking is not about collecting contact information from everyone that you meet, it’s about planting relations.   Making those connections that will be beneficial for you and your future career.   Networking still remains a constant within the professional world and here are some tips that will make it easier for you to network in those important situations.

Go everywhere

Never turn down an opportunity to attend a party or a meeting whereby you will meet new people and help extend your professional network.  There are many ways that you can do this, sometimes it by joining a professional group, but also it can be through your own friends whereby an opportunity can be found.   Sometimes you may not feel like going to these things, but go.   You don’t have to stay for long, just show up.   You may still learn something or make a new connection.

Make good use of social media

Twitter is a great tool to connect with other users with similar interests and perhaps even connect with those you look up too in a professional capacity.   Both Twitter and Linked In allow you to connect with people and also to share out links to articles that may interest your followers or you can share a link to your own website or other online presence to help establish yourself on this media.


Before you attend a networking event, research who is going to be there.  It is important that you know who you are going to talk to at these events in order to make the best use of your time.   This will also allow you to talk to them about similar interests that you might share.

Ask questions

People love to talk about themselves, their accomplishments and achievements.  Therefore it is important not to be shy in asking questions .   It also helps but others at ease because there is no awkward silence with someone wondering what will they ask next.


This sounds obvious doesn’t it – but no one wants to talk to someone who has a scowl on their face, so practice that smile in the mirror. People want to talk to someone who is smiling not someone who is miserable.

Follow up on your conversation

Don’t be shy.  Pick up the phone, or write an email.  Thank the person for their conversation, advice or just the opportunity to meet with them.   The sooner you follow-up, the less likely it is that the person will forget you.

And more importantly they may just think of you when the next perfect job opportunity comes up.