Tip of the week 130114It is important in today’s job seeking environment that we take the time over each application that we make.  A recruiter will have possibly hundreds of CV’s to choose from and it is your job when applying for that job to make that task easier for them by highlighting your skills that match that job description – in this you are targeting your CV.

So how of I do that? Well this is actually easier than you think.  You have already seen the job description so you know what they want you do to.  Usually the tasks in a job description are ranked by their importance; therefore the first items on that list are critical – the ones you must be able to do and have experience in.   Ticking all the boxes? Than you need check out the wording used on the job description versus your CV.  Have you worded your skills and experience differently yet still mean the exact same thing.  Yes – than change your wording, match the job description because these are the words used by the company therefore it makes your CV stand out as matching the job you are applying for.

Remember above I said that the first few items on the job description are the ones most critical – if these aren’t top of your experience you are missing out. Take your time and move these items about on your CV so that they stand out and your are again targeting your CV.

A recruiter will typically only take a few minutes if not seconds to read your CV so make everything count, make your skills and experience that match the job description easy to find. Don’t make the recruiter work too hard for your skills, expertise and traits.

For every job that you apply for, take your time and do these small amendments to your cv while you might feel that this is a timely thing to do, it is, but the benefits that will come from targeting your CV, will make the job hunting process much more productive in the long run.

A final tip for you when you are targeting your CV to meet a specific job description, save your CV each time as a new document so that you can revert back to look at the CV again before the job interview. Remember to save the document with the company name, job description name and date of application for example newlinks.intern.13jan. This will make it easier for you to find and review your CV before the interview.  And most importantly save the job description so that you can refer back to it before the interview.

 By following these easy steps to targeting your CV,  you are going to make it much easier on the recruiter and most importantly on yourself when it comes to the interview.