It is always important that you ensure you do all that you can to achieve the job that you want. We received a lovely email from a learner in the week, delighted that she had received word back from an application that she had submitted for a management position with a national supermarket.  The CV was submitted in November and she recently attended an interview for this position.  This proves that having the right CV showcasing your skills and abilities will open the door for you to the interview for the job that you want.

Writing to Janet (Career Coach) on her preparation for the interview she said “I’ve learned from you and Jim.  You were fantastic in helping me achieve that, even the mock interview I did with Jim was about the supermarket, luckily I kept all my notes to review for the interview. Thank you both so much Janet,  keep up the good work as you are a wonderful person and Jim a gentleman.  Say a prayer that I’ll get the job”

We are certainly sending good positive thoughts and vibes that she is successful with this position.  This clearly shows that putting in effort and creating a CV tailored for the specific role highlighting your skills and abilities will help create the opportunities for you.  There are many things that you can do to make sure that your CV fits the job that you are applying for.

Tip of the Week 270114

Amend your CV to match the job description

Take your time, do not rush applying for a job and use a generic CV.  Look at the job description, look at the key words that they are using for certain tasks and use them. More information on this topic is available here.

Chose a clear font and format

Use a clear font, like Time New Roman; make sure your headings are standing out by making them bold and/or Italicize.  Take a look here for more information on the right fonts that will make your CV stand out.

Keep your sentences short and punchy

When writing about your jobs and duties of a previous position don’t waffle by taking people step by step through every day of your job.  Instead take the time to highlight in a few words or a sentence the duties and tasks that you completed.

Check your spelling and your contact details

When you are creating your CV or any document, familiarity breeds contempt.  You look at a document for so long when you are working on it that you don’t see the spelling mistakes that may be there. Take your time when typing and review what you have written, not only for spelling mistakes but grammatical errors also.  Take a look here for the common grammar / spelling mistakes. A handy hint is to get someone else to read your CV for you also.

Check telephone numbers, not only for your references but your telephone number as well. Imagine that your CV gets to the top of the very large pile received, the recruiter tries to contact you to make an interview appointment, but your telephone number is wrong. That could be it – no interview for one mistake, but this mistake highlights your attention to detail.

If you need help – don’t be afraid to ask!

It is OK to ask for help, creating a CV is a big task, it is the one impression that you have to make on a recruiter, therefore it is important that this document shows you to the best of your ability. Take  your time, get someone to look over the document, and if you are completely lost, why not speak to a career coach for further help.