The ability to motivate and influence others to take action is a fundamental component of leadership. The best leaders can successfully influence employees and colleagues at all levels. Influencing behavior is a continuous process which is dependent on keen emotional intelligence, excellent communication, and people skills. Judith Glasser’s conversational intelligence model which compliments Daniel Goleman’s EI model will be center-staged during this workshop.

By the end of this one day workshop participants will be able to:

• Define and review the understanding of leadership, influencing and clean communications
• Understand the hierarchy of roles; exploring the leader as influencer and the importance of business acumen and commercial insight in the influencing process
• Appreciate a variety of leadership styles and understand the impact of positive leadership
• Define and review their understanding of negotiation, delegation and staff motivation
• Manage difficult conversations with ease and be able to find common ground
• Explore the situational leadership framework – benefits and best practices
• Explore Behavioural Economics research to understand the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors on the decision-making process
• Communicate key messages to ensure employee understands of what is expected
• Promote the notion of inclusivity and team focus to ensure win-win results in negotiations

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