Empower your Employees – Create a Culture of Continuous Learning & Development

Empower your employees through training and development and you will be rewarded with a thriving workforce that will drive the values and mission of your business.

Charles Jennings’ 70-20-10 learning and development framework demonstrates that the majority of employee development (70%) takes place within the confines of their role and within the company itself. 20% of employee development is likely to occur through shared learning with peers or supervisors and 10% through formally structured training courses.

Here are some tips to ensure that you are implementing the 70-20-10 model effectively in your business:

Carry out a training needs analysis which will allow you to gain insight on the current skill and knowledge levels of your staff. Pay particular attention to staff members that you have earmarked for promotion to more senior or leadership roles.

Job Shadowing/Work Instruction: If you are using job shadowing (Sitting by Nelly) as a means of training staff ensure that the person delivering the instruction is suitably trained to transfer the skills and knowledge to the required standard.

Identify clear and unambiguous Learning Outcomes: and be clear about your learning outcomes for your staff training programmes. Clearly defined outcomes will guarantee optimum results which can be evaluated over time.

The formal training that you choose should focus on the “actual’ skills required for a particular role or project. If you are outsourcing training make sure that the training consultant understands your business goals, mission & values. Where possible opt for customised training which will narrow the gap between what your business needs and the training on offer from your external provider.

Consultation: If you are unsure about what type of training to choose – request a consultation with the training provider – most reputable providers, including ourselves, offer no obligation free consultations to assist you in your training selection process.

There is an increased focus on soft skills training with particular emphasis in developing the millennial workforce. Skills like coaching, influencing, emotional intelligence (EI) and conflict management are essential for supervisors, team leads and managers.

Simon Sinek A well known contemporary author, influencer and communications expert stresses the need to encourage employees to find their ‘why’. Millennials, in particular, are seen to be less motivated by salary and more motivated by purpose and recognition.  They need to
feel that the work that they are doing actually ‘means’ something in a wider context and that they are playing a key role in the business.

According to Sinek company that promotes a culture of purpose and solidarity is more likely to attract and retain its talent pool. 

Larger companies should promote their CSR interests, recycling, and environmental awareness projects and/or charitable contributions. Some contributions are based on production targets, for example, one pair of reading glasses donated to a third world country for every 100 units of product manufactured.

Smaller companies can also create a sense of purpose by supporting local or National campaigns, for example, National Workplace Wellness day happens on April 12th and Focus Ireland have a ‘Get Together’ National homelessness awareness event planned for May 3rd to 5th.  I am personally proud to be a trustee of the Solas Cancer Support centre here in Waterford – Their annual Run for Life (RFL) event is the largest income generator for the charity which attracts members of the public and businesses of all sizes each year to participate in its mission to generate much-needed funds.

Staff empowerment is an essential component of every business – think creatively when deciding how to apply the 70-20-10 Learning and development model in your business.  Training and staff development doesn’t necessarily need to be costly to be effective.

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