Why Study a QQI Course?

QQI Accredited Training

QQI accredited courses are a valuable asset to individuals and organisations.  Through independent private providers, public training through ETBs, and community/voluntary providers,  individuals and employers have access to quality-assured training in a broad range of subject areas.  Within the FET framework, learners can study single modules, special-purpose awards, or major awards from level 1 to 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

The National Framework of Qualifications:

QQI awards are mapped on a framework which is called the National Framework of Qualifications which emphasises that:

  • The award received is recognised both Nationally & Internationally
  • The learner has confidence in knowing the quality and standard of the award they are receiving or working towards.
  • A prior learning experience and/or achievement can be directly mapped to a future planned programme of learning.

A QQI Award will Boost Your Career

In the current, rapidly changing economic landscape employees must have the necessary skills and qualifications to meet the demands of their job. Many employees study QQI courses in preparation for a promotion or a change of career.  A QQI award, tells you that the accreditation is quality assured by a  National Awarding Body and can be a very valuable asset to your present or a future employer.  QQI courses tend to be practical and vocationally relevant so whatever career you are interested in you will find a stream of learning that suits you – this means that very often you can choose the subject, method of learning, and duration to suit your plan.  This means that whether you are employed, underemployed or unemployed you will be able to set and achieve your study goals.  Choices for learners include full-time & part-time courses, evenings, or weekends.  Learners can study face to face, virtually online, or a combination of these via the Blended Learning model.  The choices are endless and this is one of the reasons why QQI courses are so appealing to learners who are focusing on career enhancement. 

Our QQI Awards

Here at New Links Training, we offer a niche range of QQI awards many of which support employee or individual personal and professional development.  Learners who study our QQI awards typically complete prescribed assessments and/ or exams to receive their valuable awards.  QQI level 5 and 6 courses are usually delivered over 5 or 6 days depending on the programme and almost always the delivery schedule is one day per week for the duration of the programme.  As a quality assured provider we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver fully quality assured QQI programmes in line with National Standards.  Our expert tutors are fully trained to support learners towards their achievement.  We have a proven track record in supporting learners towards successful outcomes and we maintain an average completion to certificate rate of well over 90% year on year.

We offer QQI Awards at level QQI level 5 and QQI level 6 in the following Disciplines:

What do our Clients say?

We appreciate the feedback that we receive from our learners as this endorses the work that we do and it also helps us to focus on continuous improvement.  More recently we have depended on feedback from clients to gain insight into their experience of our Virtual Online Classes as a result of the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. 

Here is a snapshot of comments from our valued customers:

“Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the course was managed remotely. I felt that New Links did a super job creating a virtual remote classroom with such a varied content and breakout groups via zoom. I felt we were in a real classroom together. Every Saturday morning, I looked forward to connecting with everyone and I will miss the get-together going forward”.

“I found the course refreshing and felt like a relaxed environment to learn in. Credit due to New Links for enabling this in such challenging circumstances.  The New Links team have a passion for what they do and it really comes across in the training”.

 “This training course has provided me with a lot of new learnings to apply to my work in conjunction with supporting me with mapping out my own personal plan for the future”.

“It was a pleasure to spend 5 Saturday’s with such a knowledgeable and inclusive team, thank you”

“Janet and Martina were excellent and very pleasant to work with, which definitely helped to put people at ease in a new environment to us all.  The course was very impressive, but the instructors were definitely a highlight”.

If you would like to learn more about how we support individuals and organisations in achieving QQI awards;  get in touch by: Email: info@newlinkstraining.com or visit our Website: www.newlinkstraining.com 

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Janet Tumulty