A Graduate’s Perspective

Personal and Professional Development QQI Level 6 – this blog content was generously shared by a recent learner who plans to use this professional development course to accelerate their career!

I recently graduated from university in the midst of a pandemic and found it difficult to secure permanent employment. As such, I decided to improve myself professionally while job searching and completed a QQI level 6 personal and professional development course with New Links Training Solutions. I figured that this course would prepare me for a professional environment and further my development and learning. To that end, this personal and professional development course is something that interviewers have asked about consistently during interviews and the theories and skills discussed in this course certainly have relevance in practice.

What I found fascinating having studied this course was the applicability of its content. Having some experience in a professional environment, I was able to relate much of the content to my experiences and analyse my actions in the context of the theories defined. Having discussed this with other learners on the course, the conclusion we seemed to arrive at most frequently when discussing the course as a whole is that it defines situations, scenarios, and reactions that we come across most consistently in the workplace and provides the knowhow and toolset to deal with these moving forward. The assessment offered an opportunity to reflect on my working practices also and allowed me to create a crisis management plan that could be applied in reality. All this combined, I believe that my approach to work has been improved and that I am now better prepared to manage my working life.

With regard to job searching, I have certainly found that employers and interviewers have noted this course down as a benefit on my file and that it has been beneficial to discuss in interviews. Generally, more questions have arisen regarding this course than my college degree in interviews and interviewers tend to be impressed by the initiative of doing the course as opposed to sitting idle while job searching.

Overall, my experience with this course has been largely positive in every aspect. I found that, while university developed my knowledge and know-how, it may have left me underprepared to achieve my goals in reality. This course allowed me to develop my approaches and perspectives to no end and has prepared me to succeed professionally.

From all of us here at New Links Training we wish this learner the very best for the future!