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Looking back over the years since we established the business in 2009 makes me take stock of the changes in workplace communications over that 14-year period. Workplace communications have seen significant changes, driven primarily by advancements in technology and the shifting dynamics of modern work environments. These changes have and will continue to have a profound impact on how employees communicate and collaborate at work. The modern workplace requires employees and organisations to innovate so that they can stay ahead of the curve.  Employers we work with understand the importance of continuous learning and development to foster growth, improve productivity, and maintain a competitive edge. Workplace learning plays a pivotal role in equipping employees with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive. As a prominent player in the field of workplace communications we at New Links Training Solutions help organisations to maximise the potential of their workforce through accredited, non-accredited training & short workshops. In this blog, I will outline the key benefits of workplace learning and explore how we influence the way our customers approach employee development.

Create a learning Mindset:

Gone are the days when learning was confined to formal training programs or workshops. The modern workforce requires continuous learning opportunities that are personalised, accessible, and adaptable. Organisations that invest in workplace learning create a culture of growth and development, leading to increased employee satisfaction, higher retention rates, and improved overall performance.

Innovative Learning Technologies:

Wise employers are utilising new technologies to train their staff.  Virtual learning means that employees can be trained in higher numbers, from multiple locations in concert with the flow of business.  Employees no longer need to waste time travelling to and from a central location; they can log in to training at work and return to their station once training is complete.  New links utilise virtual and LMS technology to ensure that our clients have a seamless and resource supported learning experience.  Beyond our scope, employers can also harness the power of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) to create immersive and interactive learning environments.

Customized Learning Pathways:

Recognizing that every organization and employee has unique learning needs, we offer tailored learning solutions where we work with HR, L&D and Managers to identify skill gaps, understand specific requirements, and develop customised training courses. By aligning learning outcomes with business objectives, New Links Training Solutions enables organizations to maximize the impact of their training investment in areas such as leadership development, communications, training and soft skills enhancement. We collaborate with employers to provide learning solutions that address the specific challenges faced by individuals, teams or organisations. 

Expert Facilitators and Tailored Learning Resources:

At the core of our success lies our team of expert trainers, all highly skilled in their fields.   Our team of subject matter experts strive to develop high-quality training content that is relevant, up-to-date, and practical. Our expert facilitators bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, ensuring that the learning journey is led by seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of the business we are serving.

Measuring and Sustaining Learning Impact:

New Links Training Solutions understands the importance of measuring the impact of workplace learning initiatives. We employ various assessment tools and analytics to track learner progress, identify areas for improvement, and measure the return on your investment. By evaluating the effectiveness of their programs and the learner experience, organisations can make informed decisions and continuously enhance their learning strategies. New Links Training Solutions also emphasises the sustainability of learning, encouraging organisations to create a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing through ongoing coaching and mentoring.

Why Choose New Links Training Solutions?

As an SME New Links Training Solutions has emerged as a leading provider of workplace learning solutions, catering to the dynamic needs of the modern workplace. They offer a wide range of programs and learning tools designed to enhance employee skills, engage learners, and deliver tangible results. New Links Training Solutions takes a holistic approach to workplace learning, combining cutting-edge technologies, expert facilitators, and customizable content to create impactful learning experiences.

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