Presenter Masterclass – 1 Day Workshop

Next date for this Course Friday 13th December 2019 

This presenter masterclass workshop is both practical and experiential – learn how to develop high energy presentations capable of showcasing a range of first-class presenting skills. Participants will enhance their presenting skills through interactive exercises, expert direction and structured feedback on their performance style. Participants will learn how to make their presentations more powerful, structured, engaging and interesting to large and small audiences. This training programme provides the opportunity to sharpen and refine public speaking and presentation skills that will benefit both participants and their audience.

By the end of this one day workshop participants will be able to:

• Demonstrate the ability to deliver highly impactful presentations
• Practice techniques to eliminate anxiety and increase personal effectiveness
• Plan and develop content that will ensure that your presentation is outcome focused, dynamic and memorable
• Identify issues that are likely to impact the effectiveness of a presentation
• Select appropriate presentation materials and aids to support a presentation to a large or a small audience
• Manage questions from the floor and provide considered response/feedback
• Design effective evaluation tools to evaluate the success of your meeting/presentation
• Deliver a professional, powerful and engaging presentation using proven techniques and interactive technologies

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