Privacy Policy

In compliance with data protection guidelines, New Links Training Solutions has prepared the following statement outlining its privacy policy. The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the privacy interests of our clients and website users.

Visitors can access our website and its content without providing any information about their identity. In compliance with GDPR guidelines, we will not disclose any identifiable information about any of the clients/users of our website. The only exception to this being where we use client information for the purpose of supplying the service that has been requested by the client. However, Basic customer info such as contact and financial information is required by us if you are interested in any of our courses to make a booking. We do not track our user’s browsing outside of our website.


In order for us to collect and retain data demographics which we use to inform us of user behaviour, some parts of our website use cookies to record single user sessions. However, you the user have some choice regarding cookies and their usage. By adjusting your browser settings, you can accept, reject a cookie or be notified when a cookie is present on a website.

Cookies are small files which are kept on a user’s computer. They are created to contain a small volume of data specific to a website or a client, and they can be accessed either by the client’s computer or by the web server. This allows the server to provide a page tailored to the user.

The information that we automatically log is as follows; your IP address, which is used to gather a wide range demographic data, your browsers user agent and referring address that we use to assist in identifying problems within our server, to identify users and finally to administer our site.

We currently use Google Analytics to identify how users navigate to our website.


We will not observe, alter, or release any personal information about you or your Internet usage without your permission unless we have a belief that we have good reason to do so. When action would be necessary:

A. To follow legal requirements or to conform to legal process;
B. Acting to protect the interests of our users.
C. To apply the terms of use.
D. When protecting the rights and property of our company.

In these instances, data could be forwarded to a suitable authority i.e. companies/organisations or individuals, if required. In the case of harassment or abuse, data may be used to locate the person responsible and data forwarded to suitable authorities.

Your Consent to this privacy policy

By using our website, visitors are signalling that they agree with the conditions of the Privacy

Policy currently available on our website.

New Links Training Solutions is interested in collecting information that can better your, the users experience and improve their services.


When booking a training course with New Links users may be required to provide the following information:

1. Users name
2. Contact info such as phone number, email address
3. Financial info such as their credit card number (optional)
4. Their address

Any information received by New Links will be used for a single transaction and will not be
retained electronically or otherwise.


We at New Links Training Solutions endeavour to protect our user’s personal information as best as we possibly can. While data transmission over the internet is never 100% protected, safety security measures are well in place to guard against the loss and abuse of any of the information our users submit to our website.

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Privacy Changes:

Any changes or alterations to our privacy policy will be updated here and we urge our users to visit this page to stay informed and up to date on our privacy policies.