About Janet Tumulty

Director of Training, Certified Coach, Trainer and EQ-I 2.0, EQ-I 360 Assessor Janet Tumulty is a leading Learning and Development professional with extensive experience of collaborating with organizations, SME’s and with staff at all levels. Janet uses a practical, dynamic, solution focused approach with clients to promote the development and delivery of learning and development solutions designed to support the organization’s staff development plan. Janet is passionate about quality assurance and believes organizations should filter their staff development plans through a quality assurance lens. Janet is responsible for setting up all the internal Quality Assurance and learning management systems and her work and the standards within the business have been commended by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) a National Certification Authority. Janet has been instrumental in assisting companies to create their Training Department functions ‘from the ground up’ including development of policies & procedures, quality assurance, online training, content development, administration, assessment and evaluation. Janet directs the implementation of learning and development strategies and has a keen eye for identifying and responding to future trends. Prior to this role Janet worked in the retail sector at senior level and in the social care sector in both project and management roles. In these positions Janet developed her lifelong passion for training, coaching & mentoring. Janet believes that successful management and productive staff relationships rely heavily on the development of soft skills and maintenance of good interpersonal relationships. To this end she has been instrumental in designing and introducing successful team building, diversity, leadership, communications and performance management programmes to a wide number of organizations and to individual clients on a one to one basis. Janet’s professional qualifications include: BA Social Studies, Coaching Diploma, Facilitation, RPL Mentoring, IITD Training & Development.

Online Training in Our Virtual Classroom

Online Training in a Virtual Classroom

Here is a short blog explaining what it’s
like to deliver and experience training in a virtual classroom. COVID19 has set
unprecedented challenges for businesses all over the world including business
like ours who have had to adapt quickly to overcome the challenges presented.  In a very short space of time […]

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Our QQI Re-engagement Journey

Jim Tumulty, Debbi Cameron & Janet Tumulty

This month we have been celebrating the official confirmation from QQI that our application for re-engagement has been successful.  This is a significant milestone for our business and for our clients.  As a legacy FETAC provider we have had an excellent and longstanding relationship with QQI and […]

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Empower your Employees – Create a Culture of Continuous Learning & Development


Empower your employees through training and development and you will be rewarded with a thriving workforce that will drive the values and mission of your business.
Charles Jennings’ 70-20-10 learning and development framework demonstrates that the majority of employee development (70%) takes place within the confines of their role and within the company itself. 20% […]

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Effective Meeting Skills – 1 Day Workshop

Full Brochure Available here 

Good communication practices are at the core of every successful business. Business communication serves a variety of essential functions; most importantly it ensures that clear and essential channels are used to disseminate information amongst employees. Good workplace communication also helps to build relationships of trust and commitment which ensure that the […]

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Mindfulness – 1 Day Workshop

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Six out of ten employees, according to Irish studies on work-based research, report they are more likely to stay long-term with an employer that shows concern for them. A Mindfulness programme improves brain functioning and this improvement impacts business success. Harvard business review studied businesses that invested in […]

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Influencing Skills for Leaders – 1 Day Workshop

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The ability to motivate and influence others to take action is a fundamental component of leadership. The best leaders can successfully influence employees and colleagues at all levels. Influencing behavior is a continuous process which is dependent on keen emotional intelligence, excellent communication, and people skills. Judith Glasser’s conversational […]

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Conflict Management – 1 Day Workshop

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This workshop is designed to enable those in a leadership role to develop a greater awareness of their personal style of dealing with conflict in the workplace and in their personal lives. Participants will be encouraged to develop an analytical framework for preventing and managing conflict in their workplace through the use […]

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Workplace Wellbeing – 1 Day Workshop

Our model of workplace well-being is both experiential and educational. The underpinning philosophy is to empower individuals to better manage their minds and their bodies to achieve peak personal and professional performance. The programme uses age-old eastern techniques from the wisdom traditions alongside western cutting-edge practices informed by recent developments in neuroscience. Participantswill learn […]

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Time Management – 1 Day Workshop

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Time is a valuable resource to both employers and employees. By engaging in this time management module participants will enhance their appreciation and use of time as a resource and become more proactive and tuned in to their use of time in the workplace. Participants will explore […]

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Leadership Coaching – 1 Day Workshop

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Excellent coaches (and leaders) improve the quality of work life for employees and work colleagues; creating a positive, supportive and proactive work culture. Positive leadership and healthy interpersonal relationships are critical components of employee engagement, retention and company growth. A skilled coaching intervention by a person in a leadership […]

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