Janet Tumulty

Director of Training, Certified Coach, Trainer and EQ-I 2.0, EQ-I 360 Assessor Janet Tumulty is a leading Learning and Development professional with extensive experience of collaborating with organizations, SME’s and with staff at all levels. Janet uses a practical, dynamic, solution focused approach with clients to promote the development and delivery of learning and development solutions designed to support the organization’s staff development plan. Janet is passionate about quality assurance and believes organizations should filter their staff development plans through a quality assurance lens. Janet is responsible for setting up all the internal Quality Assurance and learning management systems and her work and the standards within the business have been commended by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) a National Certification Authority. Janet has been instrumental in assisting companies to create their Training Department functions ‘from the ground up’ including development of policies & procedures, quality assurance, online training, content development, administration, assessment and evaluation. Janet directs the implementation of learning and development strategies and has a keen eye for identifying and responding to future trends. Prior to this role Janet worked in the retail sector at senior level and in the social care sector in both project and management roles. In these positions Janet developed her lifelong passion for training, coaching & mentoring. Janet believes that successful management and productive staff relationships rely heavily on the development of soft skills and maintenance of good interpersonal relationships. To this end she has been instrumental in designing and introducing successful team building, diversity, leadership, communications and performance management programmes to a wide number of organizations and to individual clients on a one to one basis. Janet’s professional qualifications include: BA Social Studies, Coaching Diploma, Facilitation, RPL Mentoring, IITD Training & Development.

The Importance of Assertiveness in the Modern Workplace

How do you rate yourself as a communicator? This is a question we ask many of our clients especially if they are in a people-facing role on a day-to-day basis.  People facing roles include team leadership, management, training, HR or customer service. These roles collectively require you to be a master communicator and the skill …

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Visual Merchandising Tips for Small & Medium Retailers

Now that retail is opening again it is important for retailers to focus on maximising customer footfall to increase sales. Whether your business is large or small there are proven visual merchandising techniques that you can use to get your customers to stop, look and enter your store. Visual merchandising doesn’t need to cost the …

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Harness Your Emotional Intelligence – an Essential Skill for The Future

I first became interested in Emotional Intelligence otherwise known as Emotional Quotient (EQ) way back when I was studying psychology as part of my degree course.  Once I read Daniel Goleman’s book on the subject I was sold and since then I have been working to improve my own Emotional Intelligence in addition to incorporating …

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Are You Ready for Re-entry?

Most of my blogs are inspired by conversations with clients and learners.  While we are well recognised for our training, leadership and career development courses, behind the scenes, we’re much more than that.  We help individuals and companies to solve problems, drive innovation and most importantly move with the times. So why am I writing …

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