Leadership Coaching – 1 Day Workshop

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Excellent coaches (and leaders) improve the quality of work life for employees and work colleagues; creating a positive, supportive and proactive work culture. Positive leadership and healthy interpersonal relationships are critical components of employee engagement, retention and company growth. A skilled coaching intervention by a person in a leadership […]

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EQ-i 2.0 Assessments Available for Individuals or Staff Teams

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Emotional intelligence or EQ which includes skills such as self-awareness, self-expression, stress management, interpersonal skills, and decision making is guaranteed to enhance any employee professional development programme.An employee who understands the importance of EQ will demonstrate a high degree of soft skills and will tend to be […]

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Leadership Development Series – New for 2019

1 Day Workshops – Choose a single module or Combine multiple modules

Leadership Development Series 2019 

Our Leadership Development Workshops offer a range of interactive training modules to assist organisations and staff to build leadership capacity and develop/up-skill existing employees. Workshops are delivered to the highest standards by our qualified experts who understand the complexities and […]

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Interviewing & Recruitment Skills for Leaders & Managers

1 Day Workshop

Participants who undertake this course will gain experience in how to conduct a successful interview campaign. Selecting the right candidate for a role is critical to the success of your business. The programme is designed to guide you through the stages of the interviewing and selection process providing you with the range […]

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Presentation Masterclass

1 Day Workshop 
This presentation masterclass workshop is both practical and experiential – learn how to develop high energy presentations capable of showcasing a range of first-class presenting skills. Participants will enhance their presenting skills through interactive exercises, expert direction and structured feedback on their performance style. Participants will learn how to make their presentations […]

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Influencing Skills for Leaders

1 Day Workshop 
The ability to motivate and influence others to take action is a fundamental component of leadership. The best leaders can successfully influence employees and colleagues at all levels. Influencing behavior is a continuous process which is dependent on keen emotional intelligence, excellent communication, and people skills. Judith Glasser’s conversational intelligence model which […]

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Leading With Emotional Intelligence

1 Day Workshop
High emotional intelligence is an essential component of positive leadership. According to Daniel Goleman, there are five key elements to Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy, Social skills. In this workshop we introduce participants to the key components of EI and through the use of experiential exercises and workshop discussions participants will […]

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Writing it Right – CV basics

Teaching people to write CVs and prepare for job interviews makes me a grammar Nazi whether I like it or not. Written English is full of nuances and rules that we were never taught (or if we were we have long since forgotten). Add to that the common words, phrases, grammar and punctuation errors […]

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Interview Preparation 101 – Two Little Things That Will Make A Big Difference To Your Interview Performance.

The internet is awash with a wide variety of blogs, websites, and newsletters offering advice on how to maximize your interview performance. I like to promote the ‘less is more’ approach to interview preparation. Not for one minute do I want to encourage you to attend your interview underprepared and I am certainly not […]

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New Year New Brochure

 Our New 2018 Brochure Launched

New Links Training Solutions is excited to introduce it’s New Professional Skills Training Brochure! We have worked hard over the last while to bring this to our clients.

Some highlights include: 
For Professionals seeking new roles, we have a number of new and exciting professional development and management courses. These courses are […]

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