One to One Career Coaching

“How do I get promoted?” “What can I do to make my CV stand out?” “What do I do next?” How do I ace the Interview?

These are questions we ask ourselves when we are looking for a new career direction and are not quite sure where to start.  The New Links Training Solutions One to One Career Coaching sessions can help you. Our Career Coach will help, support and inform you on how best to take the next step that you are looking for.

Are you someone who is:

Seeking a promotion?

Rusty at interviews?

Returning to work after a period of unemployment?

Looking for a job after being in the same position for a number of years and now your circumstances have changed?

Searching and applying for positions unsuccessfully?

If you answered yes to any of the above statements than a one to one session with our Career Coach is for you.  we offer a private confidential service whereby you will get the required help and support that you need, offered through a dynamic coaching session.

One to One Coaching Sessions are aimed specifically at your agenda. These coaching sessions help you to position yourself in the market and identify where you need to be and what actions need to be taken. One to One career coaching will help you to make you more informed choices about your future career direction.

 Flexible Appointment Options Face to Face/Skype

Our expert Career Coach will meet with you in confidence at our Waterford based training centre.  Other locations can be facilitated if necessary. Flexible out of hours sessions can be arranged to allow for a busy work schedule. Skype Sessions now available.

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Contact our Career Coach on 051 385 720 to make your confidential one to one appointment or click here to send us an email.

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