CV & Cover Letter Interview Preparation

3 hours 1 to 1 Confidential Service FREE Jobseeking & Interview toolkit

This one to one session covers your job seeking from initial CV through to the interview.

Showcase your professional skills and demonstrate that you are a standout candidate for the role that you are applying for.

Complete all aspects of your job seeking journey with your designated career coach.

You will receive structured feedback which will enable you to ‘ace’ the real-life job application process.

Learn how to address difficult questions – industry and role specific.

Understand how an interview is conducted and how best to provide clear and focused and concise answers.

You will also receive a free jobseeking and interview toolkit which will provide you with back up support prior to the interview.

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 Cv, Cover Letter & Interview Preparation

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Preparation is the key – as the saying goes – ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail….’