CV & Cover Letter & Interview Preparation

3 hours 1 to 1 Confidential Service

This one to one session covers your job seeking from initial CV Preparation through to the interview.

Showcase your professional skills and demonstrate that you are a standout candidate for the role that you are applying for by completing:

  • A professional CV
  • Targeted Cover Letter
  • Improving your online profile

Complete all aspects of your job seeking journey with a designated career coach.

You will also receive strengths-based feedback which will help you to ‘ace’ the real-life job application process.

Learn how to address the difficult questions – sector and role specific.

Understand how an interview is conducted and how best to provide clear and targeted answers.

Learn how to manage your career & stand out in the marketplace.

Develop a versatile, focused CV to appeal to current hiring companies.

Showcase your skills & experience to appeal to HR managers.

Learn how to cultivate your professional network.

Transform your online presence & amplify your social message

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 Cv, Cover Letter & Interview Preparation

Preparation is the key – as the saying goes

‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail….’