Recent Clients

We have compiled a range of case studies below to give clients an insight in to the work that we do.  We hope you find these snapshots useful and if you need any further information please feel free to contact us . Please note for reasons of confidentiality in some instances the client or Company name has been omitted.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals – 70 employees QQI Level 6 Personal & Professional Development

This professional practice development programme was developed in consultation with Novartis management and part funded by BioPharma Chem Skillnet. The programme supported participants to progress through upskilling and reflection; providing time and space to enhance daily to day activities by aligning them to best work-based practice.  The programme is further enhanced by the addition of QQI qualification in Professional Development 6N1949 on completion of a sequence of specified workshops. 

Workshops were delivered to the highest standards by our qualified experts – delivery took place both on weekdays and weekends to facilitate the company’s shift patterns. The course placed significant emphasis on ‘future skillsets’ and emotional intelligence focused on maintaining collaborative, resilient and sustainable workplace relationships. 

Module Design

Four cohorts of Novartis learners engaged in this programme and successfully engaged with the learning process in terms of both the curriculum and the online learning platform. Learners quickly became confident and more skilful in their navigation of the online technology noting that the functionality of Zoom’s breakout rooms facilitated effective discussion of the topics covered and additionally, helped build internal networks and deepen relationships. During the transition to virtual learning, we completely revised our existing approach to programme delivery by researching best practices in online delivery from both a technical and a pedagogic perspective. This new model has proven to be very successful as is evidenced in the feedback and learners’ assignment portfolios submitted.

Teaching Methods:

The methods used are underpinned by Conversational Intelligence, a neuroscience-based approach which seeks to create a connection with each learner and foster collaboration in the learning project. This method has been demonstrably effective across the four cohorts of learners by creating a learning environment of psychological safety where every learner’s voice is respected in the process.

Feedback From Senior Leadership:

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the course was managed remotely. I felt that New Links did a super job creating a virtual remote classroom with such a varied content and breakout groups via zoom. I felt we were in a real classroom together. Every Saturday morning, I looked forward to connecting with everyone and I will miss the get together going forward. I found the course refreshing and felt like a relaxed environment to learn in. Credit due to New Links for enabling this in such challenging circumstances.  The New Links team have a passion for what they do and it really comes across in the training.   This training course has provided me with a lot of new learnings to apply to my work in conjunction with supporting me with mapping out my own personal plan for the future.

96% of those who participated received QQI certification

Eirgen Pharmaceuticals – Leaders Programme

A range of leadership modules were designed to support the development of senior staff in a range of communication and interpersonal competencies for Eirgen employees. The course subjects included emotional intelligence, business leadership, coaching, team building and development aimed at enhancing individual and organisational leadership performance.

Module Design

The course opened with Workplace Wellness where Leaders focused on their own wellbeing and on strategies, skills and practices that can be used to enhance it. The Team-Building module progressed the leaders’ the self-reflective journey where traditional and contemporary research and case-studies acted as a stimulus for discussion in how best to lead teams and how best to enhance team performance.

Teaching Methods:

Participants benefitted from authentic sharing of what worked for them and what they struggled with. The group-work focused on collective problem-solving and the forging of progressive ways to move forward. The trainer witnessed relationships deepening among leaders across diverse functional areas and across sites. This happened as leaders continued to broaden their perspectives and reach a better understanding of processes and of each-other. Communication continued to improve as they listened to each-other and felt motivated and even inspired by the video clips that had been chosen for this purpose and to establish integrated organisational conversations. This learning process also allowed for validation for success achieved and identification of what remains to be achieved. As trust continued to develop the leaders became more open to ongoing change and enhancement.

Delegate Feedback:

  • The course was detailed and informative.    
  • Great course. Really enjoyed it.      
  • Enjoyed the theory and practical work.
  • The leadership module viewed all the different leadership approaches and make-up of teams. This will be great to bring back to my team.
  • The training should be rolled out for the whole company
  • Meditation was very relaxing, more of that!
  • Roll out across the company!
  • The programme should be rolled out to everybody at work and in schools!
  • I found the programme very enjoyable, especially the short videos. Great tips!

SVP Retail Managers Programme – 130 employees trained

In our role as a Training Partner for SVP one of Irelands leading Retail Charities, we worked on a new Management Development Programme to enhance the ability and confidence of retail managers to deliver performance improvements under the company’s Retail Strategy.  A range of new initiatives was introduced to bring all stores to higher levels of performance and service consistency. 

Teaching Methods and Module Development:

A bespoke programme was developed in conjunction with a range of stakeholders – New Links brief was to deliver QQI level 6 Supervisory Management & QQI Level 5 Retail Display programmes to managers and staff in multiple locations across Ireland.  This programme is ongoing – to date, 130 managers and staff have received training.  Due to COVID-19 training moved from classroom based to online and many participants welcomed this transition as it eliminated the need for excessive travel to a central location. The company has created its own internal leadership award and managers and staff who complete all elements of the programme will receive this at the Company’s International Conference in the year of completion.

Feedback from a selection of Course Participants:

  • This is excellent for anyone embarking on a career involving management of any kind.
  • Our facilitator was very interesting, engaging, honest about her own experiences and fun.
  • I found the course very informative and linked in well with my career area. The tutor was easily contactable and gave excellent guidance and support throughout. All learning outcomes were achieved, and I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others 
  • Personally, I found the process very user-friendly, and the content was as detailed and informative as in ‘classroom’ environment
  • In these difficult and uncertain times, it is great to see that we have innovative measures to keep the wheels turning and our teams focused.

Active Retirement Ireland & Vodaphone (Digital Ambassador Training)

New Links Training was asked to develop a bespoke training programme for Active Retirement ‘Hi Digital’ Ambassadors who have volunteered for a new initiative aimed at supporting older people across Ireland to improve their Digital Skills.  Hi Digital’s vision is that “everyone has the right to a digital life; the comprehension and confidence to explore all the possibilities the internet has to offer”. Its mission “to give everyone free access to the essential tools needed to become digitally independent. Increasing levels of digital literacy can have a positive impact on practical life and mental health. It leads to more opportunities to connect with essential services and engage socially with friends and family”.

Teaching Methods:

Trainees received a Hi Digital ambassador’s manual and we created a bespoke ‘Trainer’s Toolkit’ to use during the training and in their future training practice. Learners engaged in a variety of experiences including discussion, debate, breakout sessions and instructor-led training sessions. At the end of the training, participants reported increased confidence in relation to the role of Digital Ambassador and were looking forward to working in their communities throughout Ireland as Hi Digital Ambassadors. 

Feedback from a selection of course participants:

  • I am deeply grateful to everyone associated with this training for the opportunity to partake in this course. I look forward very much to future contact with them.
  • I think the class size was ideal for Active Retirement members and I thoroughly enjoyed all you did.
  • A wonderful team to work with. Many thanks and I wish you well for the future.
  • Many thanks to Janet, Jim and Sheena for their patience and helpfulness during this course.
  • Can’t wait to get started.
  • Martina was an excellent teacher.  She is professional and kind and gave us plenty of time to give our opinions.
  • I learned a lot and my confidence improved.
  • Enjoyed the course and that was mainly due to the professionalism of the trainer and the exchange of information from the attendees.
  • Thanks to all who put so much into this. 
  • Enjoyed the classes.  Martina was very good. Enjoyed the comments from other participants as well.
  • I thought the training was excellent and very professional.
  • I know some people have said better to have half days; I don’t think so.  I felt that once we got going it was great and the time flew by.  The tea break in the morning was good.  Overall I was not bored and enjoyed it.

Enterprise-led Training (JSSP) – Skillnets Ireland  

We have partnered with local Chamber Skillnets on a contractual basis since 2009 delivering customised training courses aimed at upskilling and reskilling the workforce and those seeking employment.  We support Skillnet’s vision of “Helping businesses in Ireland to be the best they can be, through innovative and enterprise-driven people development” (Strategy 2021-2025).  Courses that we have delivered in this sector include Professional Coaching Skills, Supervisory Management, Train the Trainer, Conflict Management, Leadership, Tourism, Retail Display and Employment Law.

Course Modules:

Courses are delivered regionally according to contracts awarded through public procurement in response to economic demand.  Groups tend to vary in size, but a typical group ranged between 14 & 16 participants. The majority of Skillnet courses offered lead to QQI accreditation, however, we also offer a range of stackable learning options aimed at upskilling employees in key areas of workplace communications.  Some examples include time management, critical thinking, conflict resolution, VUCA communications, leadership, teamwork, equality & diversity, and coaching.  Feedback from participants indicated that these targeted training courses were useful to amplify the skills needed for their career advancement. Feedback from participants indicated that these targeted training courses were useful to amplify the skills needed for their career advancement.


Training programmes are delivered online or face-to-face to Skillnet companies across Ireland. 

Feedback from Recent Course Participants:

  • After this training, I will be able to change and improve some areas of my practice such as communication, and conflict management and it gave me an overall better understanding of aspects of management that I was dealing with on a daily basis.
  • Every session has a useful part. The most useful from my point of view would be Psychological Safety, Conversational Intelligence, Managing Conflict, how to perform a meeting, and EI.
  • I found the practical exercises that we did in the break rooms during the training very useful as they helped me to understand the theory better and I learned how to put theory into practice.
  • I have learned to be more assertive, including team members in decision-making as much as possible and practice conversational intelligence.
  • I hope to apply some of the principles I learned from this course to my role, especially the skills that I learned about coaching employees.
  • This course has given me very positive information about leading multigenerational teams and guides to being a better leader in general.

Garret Advancing Motion – Supervisor Training

We developed and delivered a very successful Supervisory Management Programme for Garrett Advancing Motion supervisors & team leads. The programme was aimed at upskilling present team leads and managers and also preparing employees for future leadership roles. The training was bespoke and catered to the unique needs of this successful automation manufacturing business. On completion of the training, we invited the L&D manager to comment on the training and its impact on employees and the business.

Comments from the L&D Manager: Participation in discussions and group work was very high. Training was carried out at the New Links Office; this superb location helped our managers commit to the programme without any interruptions. The Supervisory Management Programme has helped to develop emotional intelligence and deepened my understanding of business acumen by reflecting on the Management Style and how it impacted others.  Applying theory to work practice was a theme interwoven throughout the programme where participants were encouraged to practice new skills during the week and report back on their efficacy in class the following week. This led to authentic conversations and valuable insights being reached and mutual support being received from each other.  Accountability was explored as a practice and differentiated from blame.  Managers considered how to problem solve, optimise existing problem-solving tools and seek strategies for further enhancement.

“Garrett Advancing Motion would highly recommend New Links Training Solutions. Their exemplary & professional programme and their attention to detail is second to none. This programme was tailored for Garrett employees and accommodated all our needs. We look forward to working with them again in the future”.

AIB – Customer Service

We were hired by AIB to deliver customer service training to mortgage services staff and managers. Through consultation a customised programme was developed.  Onsite training was provided in the form of an interactive presentation. Staff were taken through recent trends/developments in customer services in financial services. Some key areas explored in the training included client segments, behavioural economics, customer advocacy and customer-centric servicing. Here’s what the learners said:

  • Excellent course – enjoyed the videos and good tie-in with the organisation
  • Janet has an excellent delivery style – enjoyed the personal stories
  • Excellent bespoke presentation, very enjoyable & informative
  • Excellent training & very relevant
  • The subject matter was very relevant, practical and up to date, very helpful & enjoyable
  • Informative & very worthwhile – Janet was insightful