Coaching Remote Teams

✓ Use the Best Coaching and Communication Tools to Adapt and Respond Quickly
✓ Understand the Challenges Presented by the VUCA Environment
✓ Build Long-Lasting, Meaningful, and Sustainable Business Relationships
✓ Develop Your Ability to Motivate and Influence Others
✓ Maximise Business Conversations Using the Conversational Intelligence Dashboard
✓ Identify the Challenges Remote Staff Face When Working from Home

Modes of Delivery:
✓ Virtual Online
✓ Classroom
✓ Onsite

Course Outline

The aim of this workshop is to empower team coaches, managers and team leads to make considered decisions and to communicate key messages that are clear, influential, and timely.

They will learn how to adapt and respond quickly using the best coaching and communication tools. In refining their communication style participants will increase the impact and effectiveness of their coaching communications to meet the high expectations of the VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous) environment. Long-lasting, meaningful, and sustainable business relationships are built on personal qualities, such as initiative and empathy, adaptability, and persuasiveness.

The ability to motivate and influence others to take action is a fundamental component of effective remote team coaching and leadership. To influence effectively, the communicator must be adept at getting their opinions and ideas heard, recognised and considered by others.

Influencing behaviour is a continuous process that is dependent on keen emotional intelligence, excellent communication, and people skills. This training programme provides the opportunity to sharpen and refine key communication and coaching skills that will benefit both participants and their remote-working direct reports.

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Use the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) model to frame the challenges of remote working.
  • Use proven communication skills/tools/insights to ensure that key processes and procedures are used and maintained in an accurate timely manner and compliant with company procedures
  • Develop their confidence to communicate effectively and empathetically with staff.
  • Use the conversational Intelligence dashboard to maximise business conversations.
  • Hold reports fully accountable for the delivery of KPIs
  • Explore the challenges of home working for remote staff e.g. shared spaces/internet issues /families abroad.
  • Use active listening & calibrated questions to nourish and maintain good working relationships.
  • Facilitate discussions using the GROW model to identify joint solutions to difficult issues arising.

Training Methods – Virtual, Face to Face & Blended Learning

Training will be delivered using a variety of interactive, experiential training methods including group work, brainstorming, small/large group discussion, role play, quizzes, videos, round table review etc.

Customised Workshops Also Available

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How Long Does the Workshop take to Complete?

This particular course is delivered over a period of one day. Other delivery options are available by request.

How do I get a Quotation?

Email us at or alternatively you can call Jim at 086 8587505.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes, everyone who completes this course will receive a certificate of attendance.

Who’s my trainer?

Our qualified trainers are all highly skilled in their field of expertise. Trainer profiles are available to view on the ‘Meet the Team’ page.