Coaching For Performance


From our customersThis course is designed for those working as supervisors, managers and others who wish to have the skills to develop individual performance within the workplace.

This course will create an understanding of the organisational and workplace context within which performance and career development take place and it will provide the skills, knowledge and tools required to undertake coaching projects.

An excellent module for coaching which can be applied to many areas of life.  This is a QQI Level 6 programme.

I found this coaching skills course to be what I expected it would be. The tutor was very helpful and she delivered the course in manner and timescale that was very friendly. I really enjoyed the class as we all go on very well and seemed relaxed and comfortable to be around each other.


I have learned and gained so much from this course both on a personal level and in the learning aspect of the course.  I would highly recommend this course to others.  The learning that you gain plus the journey of discovery you go on.   I learned a lot of insights into coaching.  The experience of being a coach and the knowledge that you gain on the course is very beneficial.


Janet has a very professional approaching and delivers the course very well and in a friendly fashion. I learned a lot and will take aware the skills and tools I have been given at this course and use them as long as I can and in as many situations as I can.  I would recommend this course to others. It is a course where the trainer is very helpful in the class, discussions are valuable and the hand-outs really help with the assignment and feedback is encouraged.   The most important things I learned from the course are self-awareness, I improved my listening skills and I have reinforced faith in my skills I have already have. Thank you.


The course is amazing, I learned so much that will benefit both my personal and professional life. It was very enjoyable and informative course.  The delivery was fantastic. I would highly recommend this course to someone else, I believe everyone should complete this course for their own personal development. It was a personal journey and I learned a lot.Thank you


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