Coaching Skills for Caseworkers

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QQI Level 6: 6N3087 Coaching Skills for Caseworkers (5 days)

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This programme has been designed specifically for case workers and community facilitators who are working one to one with clients in an outcomes focused environment.

Participants will utilize a number of strategies aimed at enabling clients to unlock their potential and plan for the future. Included in this programme is a comprehensive ‘coaches toolkit’ which consists of a number of proven coaching tools/mechanisms which are guaranteed to enhance their one to one client interventions.

Previous participants include those who have the responsibility for developing and improving group and individual performance within the workplace and other areas such as: Local Employment Service Employees, TÚS Team Leaders, Community Enterprise Workers and Community Employment Supervisors.

Course OverviewCoaching Skillsfor caseworkers - dublin

This is a 5-day programme and will cover the following content:

  • Introduction to coaching theory
  • Communications and coaching tools for effective client intervention
  • Exploring the Coaching Process using specific practice models
  • Developing visible coaching skills to enhance client work
  • Change management, coaching for business & personality profiling.

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Work effectively with clients from diverse backgrounds who present with a range of challenges.
  • Understand how and why individual performance can be improved through coaching and the use of coaching tools.
  • Increase client accountability by clarifying goals, actions and timelines.
  • Assess and apply a number of coaching models to their current/future work.
  • Use powerful questions to re-frame and challenge.
  • Utilize a range of effective questioning techniques and active listening skills.
  • Develop healthy and functional coaching relationships.
  • Create the necessary safe and confidential conditions for coaching effectiveness.
  • Recognize the benefits of using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Have the ability and skills to respond to and overcome objections.
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries.
  •  Negotiate and develop an organizational coaching plan.

What our clients are saying?

“I found this programme extremely beneficial when working directly with my clients. By using case studies throughout to underpin and support our learning. I have found that I am now more confident and adept at supporting my clients with their needs and requirements. This practical programme has helped me to provide a more focused service to my clients by using intervention tools and help to make them more accountable for their own goals and achievements. I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone who is working on a one to one basis with people and aiming to achieve desirable outcomes for all involved”.

Employment Service Employee.

“This is an excellent course. Janet’s approach was very professional. She demonstrated a significant volume of knowledge in coaching while at the same time applying this knowledge in class in a very accessible way. Course content was well structured and the core course folder and toolkit were a fantastic learning asset.”

Employment Service Employee.

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