Using Conversational Intelligence at Work

✓ Develop a better connections with others
✓ Create a framework for building trust
✓ Identify triggers that fire innovation and creativity
✓ Maximise your business conversations
✓ Avoid conflict triggers
✓ Evaluate personal communication rituals

Modes of Delivery:
✓ Virtual Online
✓ Classroom
✓ Onsite

Using Conversational Intelligence at Work – Overview

Many believe that the key to success at work and in life is to become a master communicator.  Excellent communicators demonstrate a range of traits including Emotional Intelligence, social skills, interpersonal skills; they are almost always great negotiators and they are good at influencing and persuading others to their point of view.  High-level communicators are open to learning new ways of communicating with others and are inevitably constantly ‘sharpening their saw’.  There is a strong focus currently within the business community and beyond on the rapidly emerging field of neuroscience. Judith Glaser who authored the first book on ‘Conversational Intelligence’ describes it as “the intelligence hardwired into every human being to enable us to navigate successfully with others”.

In this workshop, we explore the benefits of expanding our ability to converse purposefully with colleagues and clients.  Conversational intelligence provides a set of simple communication tools to enable us to develop a better connection with others, increase trust, develop meaningful relationships, and avoid conflict triggers. We examine Judith Glaser’s 3 level framework for conversational intelligence to identify the kind of conversations that trigger different parts of our brain.  During this workshop, we will discover our ability to activate our higher-level intelligence which promotes integrity,  trust, empathy, and balanced judgment. Conversational Intelligence can be applied and understood by employees at every level within an organisation.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Define the concept of conversational intelligence
  • Emphasise true meaning and connect authentically with others 
  • Build and maintain trusting relationships by embracing conversational intelligence communication tools
  • Identify triggers that fire innovation and creativity
  • Explore the concept of ‘amygdala hijack’ and learn how to avoid  negative self-talk
  • Deepen their conversations to communicate effectively and empathetically with their team members and colleagues
  • Use the conversational Intelligence dashboard to maximise business conversations
  • Use active listening & calibrated questions to nourish and maintain good working relationships

Training Methods – Virtual, Face to Face & Blended Learning

Training will be delivered using a variety of interactive, experiential training methods including group work, brainstorming, small/large group discussion, role play, quizzes, videos, round table review etc.

Customised Workshops Also Available

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How Long Does the Workshop take to Complete?

This is a one day workshop – other options are available.

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Who’s my trainer?

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