Critical Thinking 

✓ Identify your Critical Thinking Style
✓ Assess the Critical Thinking Process
✓ Improve Critical Thinking Skills such as Active Listening and Questioning
✓ Analyse Context and Information to Identify and Understand a Problem
✓ Use Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Tools to Overcome Obstacles and Objections
✓ Avoid Decision Making Pitfalls

Modes of Delivery:
✓ Virtual Online
✓ Classroom
✓ Onsite

Course Outline

Mastering critical thinking and problem solving unlocks the key to better decision making; these skills are viewed as essential competencies in the modern workplace. Critical thinking helps you to explore and improve thought processes by asking crucial questions, challenging embedded assumptions and adopting a growth mindset.

Critical thinking and problem solving is vital to organisational growth because it enables individuals and teams to effectively diagnose problems and identify a range of possible solutions using best practice tools and personal initiative. Critical thinking is an essential component for managing conflicts as critical thinkers can adapt more easily to challenging and unfamiliar situations.

Critical thinkers are naturally good problem solvers because they are able to consider a range of possible approaches to solving a problem rather than relying on bias or instant judgments; more often this systematic approach to problem-solving results in a ‘Win-Win’ outcome for all involved. This workshop will demonstrate how critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making work together, and will provide hands-on practice with tools that you can apply in your day to day work.

By the end of this workshop you will;

  • Define your critical thinking skills and identify your personal critical thinking style
  • Explore the critical thinking process and be able to assess diverse viewpoints/contributions
  • Improve key critical thinking skills, including active listening and questioning
  • Systematically analyse context and information to clearly understand and identify a problem
  • Use a range of problem-solving tools to solve complex problems in a range of familiar and unfamiliar workplace contexts
  • Use critical thinking and problem-solving tools to overcome obstacles and objections
  • Select the best technique for making decisions
  • Learn how to avoid individual and collective decision making pitfalls

Training Methods – Virtual, Face to Face & Blended Learning

Training will be delivered using a variety of interactive, experiential training methods including group work, brainstorming, small/large group discussion, role play, quizzes, videos, round table review etc.

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How Long Does the Workshop take to Complete?

This particular course is delivered over a period of one day. Other delivery options are available by request.

How do I get a Quotation?

Email us at or alternatively you can call Jim at 086 8587505.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes, everyone who completes this course will receive a certificate of attendance.

Who’s my trainer?

Our qualified trainers are all highly skilled in their field of expertise. Trainer profiles are available to view on the ‘Meet the Team’ page.