Devising & Implementing Strategy 

✓ Identify the Key Influences of a Successful Strategy and Key Systems for Successful Implementation of Strategy
✓ Discuss Factors that Could Impact Strategy Development
✓ Implement Deployment Strategies to Minimise Disruption to Strategy Development
✓ Develop Tools and Techniques for Planning and Implementing a Strategy or Change Management Program
✓ Identify the Features of Situational Leadership

Modes of Delivery:
✓ Virtual Online
✓ Classroom
✓ Onsite

Course Outline

This workshop introduces participants to the basics of devising and implementing strategies in organisations or small businesses. The workshop will present an insight into key issues that individuals and organizations should consider before embarking on the development of a strategic plan.

Course participants will use real or simulated scenarios to explore an organisation’s vision, mission, planning, and decision-making processes.

Participants will use experiential exercises and proven business tools to identify strategic options, set goals, solve problems, and manage budgets throughout the planning and deployment stages of the process.

Participants will consider the importance of communication at every stage of strategic planning and implementation and the workshop will focus on key areas such as managing change, engaging in feedback sessions, managing conflict, and situational leadership.

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Examine the process of strategy formulation and identify the key influences of a successful organisational strategy
  • Analyse a range of information/communication systems required for the successful implementation of a business strategy to include the business vision, mission and values.
  • Assess a range of internal and external factors that could potentially impact an organization’s strategy development
  • Identify the key milestones of the change management process and effectively communicate key messages to teams and individuals
  • Link goals to budgets including periodic review and adaptation of resources to plans
  • Examine a range of deployment strategies and appreciate the importance of systematically managing the deployment process to ensure minimum disruption
  • Examine the concept of psychological safety and appreciate the need to communicate effectively with key stakeholders from development through to implementation.
  • Evaluate tools and techniques for planning and implementing a strategy or change program
  • Explore and fine-tune communication skills to enhance the daily interactions and information sharing with staff at all levels
  • Analyse the steps of the problem-solving process and identify solution-focused methods based on the complexity of the presenting problem using company tools
  • Plan, prepare and manage effective and dynamic meetings; identify the correct type of meeting to meet specific goals of a project, problem, team or individual issue
  • Examine and apply the concept of situational leadership in the context of strategic planning

Training Methods – Virtual, Face to Face & Blended Learning

Training will be delivered using a variety of interactive, experiential training methods including group work, brainstorming, small/large group discussion, role play, quizzes, videos, round table review etc.

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How Long Does the Workshop take to Complete?

This particular course is delivered over a period of one day. Other delivery options are available by request.

How do I get a Quotation?

Email us at or alternatively you can call Jim at 086 8587505.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes, everyone who completes this course will receive a certificate of attendance.

Who’s my trainer?

Our qualified trainers are all highly skilled in their field of expertise. Trainer profiles are available to view on the ‘Meet the Team’ page.