Effective Meeting Skills – 1 Day Workshop 

Good communication practices are at the core of every successful business. Business communication serves a variety of essential functions; most importantly it ensures that clear and essential channels are used to disseminate information amongst employees. Good workplace communication also helps to build relationships of trust and commitment which ensure that the core work of the business gets done efficiently. Current research indicates that effective individual and team communication is guaranteed to improve employee advancement opportunities and overall company performance.

By the end of this one day workshop Participants will be able to:

• Harness their creative thinking skills and fine-tune your meeting communications and interpersonal skills
• Systematically plan, organise and conduct productive and dynamic meetings
• Identify a range of effective and ineffective meeting communication styles
• Apply practical time management principles to meeting scheduling and rollout
• Learn how to handle disruptive and inappropriate behavior at meetings
• Develop and promote professional boundaries before during and after meetings
• Identify and respond to a range of issues that influence group dynamics – participation, motivation, conflict, conscious/unconscious actions etc.
• Accurately record meeting minutes and agreed on action items and ensure accountability
• Ensure that meeting records comply with legislative requirements – data protection, GDPR

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