Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

One Day Programme – certificate of attendance

Emotional intelligence can be viewed as a model of well-being and high performance because it is based on knowing yourself, connecting with others, handling stressful situations and making more effective decisions. Emotional intelligence (EI) is key to progressing in your career anddeveloping your leadership skills because EQ is about how you handle yourself and others to optimise output and reach high performance levels. The company also gleans the benefit of having invested in the development of emotionally intelligent staff. By honing emotional intelligence skills, work-life becomes easier. Training in EI is aimed at leaders at every level of the business. It offers a range of fundamental tools and techniques that transform how you understand yourself, engage with others and increase your effectiveness. Authentic leadership reduces the experience of stress, creates more cohesion within the team, increases your capacity to influence and enhances decision making and creativity. 

By the end of this programme learners will be able to;

  1. Summarise the key aspects of EI
  2. Outline the benefits of EI for themselves and the for the company
  3. Create a brief EI profile and complete a briefprofessional audit
  4. Plan further steps on the EI path


1 Day Workshops -Delivered Onsite or in Open Programmes

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