Graduate Careers – 1 Day Workshops

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A former client had this to say about his experience of our service:

“This course is an invaluable resource for graduates entering avery tough job market; it gives them an opportunity to step back and be creative in how they plan their next move on the jobs front” (Paul, Business Graduate, September 2017).

Our ‘Graduate Workshops’ are a one-day events designed to boost graduates’ employment prospects. Learn how to exceed your own expectations by interacting with professionals who can help you to achieve your career goals. Our team of career experts will help you to harness your creative thinking skills and position yourself to navigate the jobs market to seek out companies who are looking for ambitious and proactive employees.

 If you have recently completed a college course and are actively looking for employment this course may well be what you are looking for. Graduate workshops are not merely for recent graduates – if you are employed and planning to transition to your ideal career and are looking for some direction this program will refresh your skills and thinking. This course will also be useful for those moving from a graduate placement to permanent/fulltime employment.

By attending this workshop participants will:

  1. Learn how to self-manage their career and stand out in the marketplace.
  2. Develop a stand-out CV to appeal to current hiring companies.
  3. Showcase their skills and experience to appeal to HR managers or Recruitment personnel.
  4. Identify their career pathways and explore sectoral entry routes.
  5. Develop a networking action plan and cultivate a professional network.
  6. Transform their online presence and amplify your social message.
  7. Increase their prospects of securing the right type of work.
  8. Develop an interviewing strategy to ensure ‘the job win’.
  9. Receive candid feedback on their CV and jobseeking approach.

We also offer individual one to one sessions – for more information please visit our Career Services page 

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