Interviewing & Recruitment Skills

1 Day Workshop 

Participants who undertake this course will gain experience in how to conduct a successful interview campaign. Selecting the right candidate for a role is critical to the success of your business. The programme is designed to guide you through the stages of the interviewing and selection process providing you with the range of skills necessary to select the best people for your business or project.
You will feel more confident in eliciting information from the interviewee through skilful questions questioning, probing and listening techniques.  Participants who undertake this course will learn how to score and evaluate potential candidates and make more informed and confident recruitment decisions.
This course is designed for anyone who is involved in the interviewing process.

On completion of this course Participants will be able to:

• Develop your own individual Interview Toolkit, with potential interview questions, job specifications, shortlisting criteria etc.
• Devise a full job description / person specification for specific roles
• Research the methods and resources best suited to advertise your position
• Critically review CVs and cover letters for shortlisting purposes
• Design an interview plan to suit the position on offer
• Complete a mock interview from a recruiter’s perspective
• Apply a competency-based approach to recruitment interviewing
• Objectively measure and record the candidate’s performance at interview
• Recognise and be able to comply with the company’s legal obligations
• Develop a procedure for gathering reference and any other necessary information

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