Leadership Coaching – 1 Day Workshop

Excellent coaches (and leaders) improve the quality of work life for employees and work colleagues; creating a positive, supportive and proactive work culture. Positive leadership and healthy interpersonal relationships are critical components of employee engagement, retention and company growth. A skilled coaching intervention by a person in a leadership role will increase employee satisfaction, workplace harmony, and staff retention.

By the end of this one day workshop participants will be able to:

• Explore and apply a range of coaching models & interventions to their work with employees.
• Understand that effective coaching will enhance workplace practices e.g. operational planning, problem-solving, staff appraisals etc
• Identify a range of coaching styles and explore their personal approach to coaching others
• Develop and apply a range of active listening techniques to enhance workplace conversations and maximize results
• Improve employee performance through individual coaching and/or use of coaching tools e.g. GROW Model
• Develop and use powerful questions to re-frame situations and challenge employees
• Utilize a range of effective questioning techniques to empower employees
• Hold employees accountable for actions/tasks/projects and avoid micromanaging
• Explore the basic principles and practical use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
• Identify roadblocks and respond to/ overcome objections and other barriers to performance
• Use our coaching toolkit to support key interactions with employees

EQ-i 360 assessments
Interviewing and recruitment skills
EQ-i 2.0 Workplace Reports (for Employees)
• EQ-i group reports

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