Leadership Development

Choose one workshop or combine modules

Our Leadership Development Workshops offer a range of interactive training modules to assist organisations and staff to build leadership capacity and develop/up-skill existing employees. Workshops are delivered to the highest standards by our qualified experts who understand the complexities and challenges of the modern workplace. There is a strong emphasis on skill building, emotional intelligence and the creation of collaborative, resilient and sustainable relationships. Clients can choose a single module option or alternatively through consultation and analysis of your specific training requirement we can create a training package that will be delivered to your staff in line with company workflows and employee schedules.



Here’s what our clients have to say:

I did the EQI Leadership Assessment and had a coaching session with Janet afterwards, which focused on my leadership capabilities. I found the test and coaching to be very useful. It helped me to identify some of my strengths that I can utilise better in my business and also some areas for improvement. I felt the test gave an accurate assessment. The best part was that I was given very practical actions to take to utilise my strengths and to improve on certain areas. I would recommend this for anyone interested in improving their leadership skills. (Kevin – Manager)

I would strongly recommend the course because I found it so relevant and having been given this space to discuss my practice and approach to work. I feel I am more present in the moment when working”(Coaching Models of Practice)

“This was a fantastic training and was very well paced and I loved how creative the trainer was in her delivery and facilitation. I have heightened awareness around the transference projection and countertransference in my work” (Supervisory Management)

“I would strongly recommend this course as it was tailor-made for the work that we do. The important learning points I took from this training are the techniques, and approaches to use in my work for the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the content. It was very challenging, exciting and worked really well. I loved the group dynamics” (Professional Practice Development)


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