Employment Law

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QQI Level 6: 6N4322 Employment Law (6 days)

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This module is designed to provide managers, supervisors and other participants with essential knowledge of the principles of Irish employment law, in addition to statutory frameworks which regulate the employee/employer relationship.

Participants will develop an appreciation of how these principles apply in practice aligning in their newly acquired skills to their own professional practice. This module is aimed in particular at employees whose work involves issues relating to employment law, HR management, general management and industrial relations.

This module is suited to those who are working in a management position or who are looking towards a promotion in their current position.

Course Overview

The following modules are completedfilling out employment agreement

  • Regulatory Framework
  • Contracts for Employment
  • Discrimination
  • Dismissal and Redundancy
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Collective Employment Law

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of Employment Law, QQI Level 6 participants will;

  • Apply a comprehensive range of skills and tools to the contract of employment within the context of well-defined scenarios for a range of employee categories, including terms and conditions, pay and pension, termination, dismissal, leave and duties.
  • Evaluate the roles played by employment legislation and institutions to work against discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
  • Understand the legal significance of Human Resource grievance and disciplinary policies and procedures within the context of dispute resolution strategies.
  • Respond to the impact of Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts in the management and maintenance of employee information in the workplace from the point of view of the employer.
  • Investigate and outline the legislative framework for health, safety and welfare at work regulations with which employers and employees are legally required to comply.
  • Evaluate the role and function of labour relations institutions and trade unions and the legal procedures of redress which apply under employment law.
  • Assess the impact of a particular principal of employment law in a chosen vocational area based on specific case law.

Course Locations

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