QQI Level 6: 6N2191 Leadership

(5 days)

Full course brochure available here. 

This continuous professional development (CPD) programme is aimed at professionals who wish to develop their leadership skills. Participants will gain an understanding of leadership roles and they will develop their skills and knowledge to lead, supervise and to manage resources effectively to achieve organisational and personal goals. Participants will evaluate different leadership styles and roles and how they would be applied in different settings.

This course aims to enhance your ability to lead other people effectively in order to achieve work or organisational goals. In order to make the programme more effective, participants have the option of using real work situations or case studies in their assignments.

This (CDP) programme is aimed at professionals of all levels who would like to improve their leadership skills and for organisations who wish to develop talent from within.

 On completion of this course, Participants will:

  1. Communicate effectively using a range of skills e.g. interpersonal, appraisal, negotiation, and facilitation.
  2. Draw up a personal leadership plan for a task, project or job.
  3. Demonstrate problem-solving skills to include strategic analysis and action plans.
  4. Develop leadership skills to improve the performance of individuals and team.
  5. Be able to critically evaluate a range of leadership styles.
  6. Work more effectively as a team leader.
  7. Understand the types of teams and their functions.
  8. Make decisions appropriately e.g. independently, in consultation with others.
  9. Demonstrate effective team building skills.
  10. Deliver a briefing to team members.

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