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QQI Level 6: 6N1949 Personal & Professional Development  (5 days)

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This professional development module is designed to provide the learner with the ability to apply a range of professional contact skills within an organisational setting. There is a particular emphasis on the skills required to develop collaborative and effective relationships within the workplace.  This course, delivered by a professional practice development expert, provides learners with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with clients experiencing complex issues, as well as increasing learner’s ability to work effectively in organisations.

The programme aims to align learners with current best practice by promoting excellent interpersonal skills and supporting learners to develop a level of critical reflection within a team setting. The course also aims to provide learners with advanced skills in identifying and responding to unconscious dynamics that arise in organisations and groups. This course is aimed at those who are currently, or who plan to work, in face to face, client-focused work environment.

On completion of this course Participants will be able to:

  1. Critique their work using several professional practice models
  2. Identify strategic planning, reviewing and evaluation
  3. Examine and explore the concept of anti-discriminatory practice
  4. Recognise confidentiality and its limits/boundaries in practice
  5. Apply a person-centered approach to their daily work
  6. Manage organisational dynamics in the workplace
  7. Identify and apply outcome evaluation to work and organisational projects

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