Mindfulness – 1 Day Workshop 

Six out of ten employees, according to Irish studies on work-based research, report they are more likely to stay long-term with an employer that shows concern for them. A Mindfulness programme improves brain functioning and this improvement impacts business success. Harvard business review studied businesses that invested in mindfulness and found that employees demonstrated increased focus and attention, a moderated stress response, better working memory, higher levels of engagement, reduction in health and safety incidents, better compliance with regulations, and a reduction in conflict and absenteeism. Therefore, our training programmes directly address these issues by blending class-based sessions on stress reduction, conflict management, breath-work and mindfulness along with physical practices of yoga, meditation and a mixed modality model of movement.

By the end of this one day workshop participants will be able to:
• Identify the benefits of mindful practices in both their personal and professional lives
• Link the impact of ongoing mindfulness practices to successful business outcomes
• Cite evidence from neuroscientific research that supports ancient mindful practices
• Experience the benefits of mindfulness through breathwork, meditation, and movement
• Use a range of simple mindfulness skills/practices to take away

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