QQI Level 5: 5N1390 Personal Effectiveness

( 5 days)

This personal and professional effectiveness Programme is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to reflect on their role within an organization and reflect on their own personal contribution.  Participants will evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and work practices which influence their day to day involvement with colleagues.  During this personal effectiveness training course participants, will examine the effectiveness of working within a group, investigating roles, responsibilities, and barriers to communication and goal achievement.
This course will help participants to increase their own effectiveness by enhancing their interpersonal skills and acquire the necessary skills to self-analyze and self-evaluate.   The overall aim of this course is to empower participants to develop a greater awareness of themselves and how they interact with others. Personal effectiveness training is designed to motivate individuals to seek out performance improvement and continuous professional development (CPD).

The course is aimed at those who wish to enhance their professional capacity, performance, and creativity and for those who wish to fine-tune their personal and interpersonal communications.

By attending this course participants will:

  1. Examine the principles and practice of personal effectiveness
  2. Determine how to use various problem-solving techniques in order to achieve the best outcomes and resolution.
  3. Organise a meeting to include agenda setting, time limits and purpose are clear to all attendees
  4. Carry out a presentation to include interacting with the audience and ensuring a clear message is delivered
  5. Participate in a group, to include communicating effectively and evaluating the overall group achievement.
  6. Take responsibility for their own learning and development.
  7. Make effective plans and decisions in relation to their life and work.
  8. Increase their own effectiveness through enhanced interpersonal skills.
  9. Acquire the necessary skills to analyse and evaluate key issues.
  10. Develop a personal understanding of their own responsibility in relation to health, hygiene and safety.
  11. Recognise learning as a lifelong activity.

QQI Certificate Specification 

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