Testimonials – Professional Development

From our customersThis professional skills development module is designed to provide the learner with high-level skills to enable them to develop their professionalism while managing a work environment.  For more information on this training programme, take a look here.

I would strongly recommend this course, it was such as challenge but I have learned a huge amount. The tutor is an amazing lady with an abundance of knowledge.

The important learning points for me were learning the proper language and questions and when to use them appropriately.

Being able to put the theory I learned in to practice.  It was important that I was given the opportunity to complete the course and learn so much new knowledge on the course.


I would strongly recommend the course because I found it so relevant and having been given this space to discuss my practice and approach to work. I feel I am more present in the moment when working.

This was a fantastic training and was very well paced and I loved how creative the trainer was in her delivery and facilitation.   I have heightened awareness around the transference projection and countertransference in my work.


I would strongly recommend this course as it was tailor made for the work that we do.   The important learning points I took from this training are the techniques, and approaches to use in my work for the future.

My learning, theory and investigating the legislation on the criminal justice act and child care act. I thoroughly enjoyed the content. It was very challenging, excited and worked really well. I loved the group dynamics.


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