Course Code: 6N4329

Accreditation: QQI Level 6

The Supervisory Management programme provides participants with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and expertise required to excel in a supervisory role.


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Our Supervisory Management programme provides participants with a comprehensive understanding and a range of practical, proven skills to excel in leading and supervising individuals and teams.

Our dedicated staff deliver hands-on training, employing both theory and workplace scenarios, to help participants grow into their role as supervisor. In this intensive course, participants will become confident in handling a range of different demands related to supervising in the workplace, such as: applying the latest industry and legal standards, maintaining financial and operational records, performing risk assessments, communicating effectively in a workplace hierarchy, developing an ideal recruitment process for their organisation’s needs, performing staff evaluations, delivering staff training, as well as many other complex challenges in the field.

The course is aimed at those who have recently graduated into a senior management position, those who wish to expand and enhance their existing leadership skills, and those who plan on moving into a supervisory capacity in the future.

Overall, the course instils in you, the participant, the competence and confidence necessary to thrive amidst the daily demands of being a supervisor, allowing your workplace or organisation to operate in the most effective manner, and in a way that is fulfilling for both yourself and your staff.


Course Overview

This course will provide participants with a qualification in the QQI accredited module, Supervisory Management (6N4329)

By the end of this training module participants will:

  • Fully understand the role of a supervisor and be able to apply this to their own workplace or organisation
  • Be familiar with the latest industry standards, legal codes and types of insurance, and their associated risks and benefits
  • Understand and be able to apply approaches to protecting information and records
  • Become experienced in the entire process of sourcing and screening new staff members
  • Gain a thorough grounding in communication procedures essential to the role of supervisor, with the experience of practical scenarios
  • Become skilled in the administrative tasks of supervising in the workplace, such as: budgeting and financial supervision, developing staff rosters, creating and overseeing operational records and maintenance schedules
  • Become confident in maintaining an effective supervisor-staff relationship and become skilled in preparing and delivering staff training
  • Be able to carry out thorough staff evaluations to take your business or organisation to the next level

The Supervisory Management course is available in Waterford, Dublin and Cork.

This is a 6-day course, with classes taking place one day a week for 6 weeks.

Assessment is broken down into

60% for skills demonstration

40% for portfolio/collection of work.


Course Outcomes

Upon completion of our Supervisory Management course, participants will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the role of a Supervisory Manager
  • Learn methods for motivating individuals and teams
  • Understand and be able to  apply up-to-date industry standards, guidelines and recommended practices, such as: the purpose and methods of supervision, staff code of conduct, and in-house versus outside contract recruitment for specific tasks
  • Recognise the necessary precautions for safeguarding information and data
  • Develop a thorough knowledge of the steps involved in recruiting the right staff for your organisation
  • Understand the relevant KPIs and measurements that apply in the workplace
  • Gain a familiarity with the different types of insurance cover in the workplace and the potential risks in specific areas
  • Gain confidence in a range of different communicative methods for dealing with clients, colleagues and other relevant parties as a supervisor
  • Become well acquainted with effective systems for organising operational records, work rosters and maintenance schedules for equipment and vehicles
  • Feel at home producing departmental budgets under a number of different headings, including factoring in contingency expenses
  • Learn to train staff by employing the latest procedures, using appropriate aids and supporting material
  • Gain the confidence and skills necessary to carry out staff evaluations to include achievement of objectives, feedback on performance, and how to tie these into personal development plans



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