QQI 5N2080 Restaurant Skills

(5 days)

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Our Restaurant skills training programme is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to work efficiently in a busy hotel, restaurant or café.  On completion, participants will be able to apply their newly acquired skills within any food service environment. In taking this course, participants will develop professional insight into the restaurant and food service industry. They will gain hands-on practical experience with industry experts. With support from our experienced staff and our detailed course materials, participants will improve and enhance their restaurant service skills.

This course is an excellent choice for those who wish to enter into the restaurant industry or for those who wish to upskill within their current role.  This course will suit those who are currently working in, or who are seeking to develop career opportunities in the hospitality services sector.

The following topics are studied:

  • Restaurant structure and systems
  • Restaurant service and communication skills
  • Table service and sequence of serving
  • Compliance legislation
  • Wine service and food pairing
  • Table setting, techniques and tray service
  • Event planning
  • Health and safety

On completion of this course, participants will:

  1. Identify the key components of effective restaurant service including premises management and desirable attributes of personnel.
  2. Demonstrate the specific skills required to ensure an excellent consumer restaurant experience including customer care, table service, menu analysis and event organization.
  3. Identify the key features of good service to clients.
  4. Demonstrate effective communication techniques used in the restaurant environment, with attention to customer etiquette, complaints procedures, staff communications and selling techniques.
  5. Communicate effectively with clients and deliver first class service.
  6. Recognize the structures underpinning the Irish restaurant sector, including national hospitality entities and key representative bodies.
  7. Demonstrate a clear knowledge and understanding of the sequence of service.
  8. Provide information on wines choices available and make recommendations based on food selection choices.
  9. Gain a working knowledge of table settings and techniques required to serve food and beverage to clients within a restaurant and lounge environment.
  10. Recognize and deliver tray service.
  11. Effectively demonstrate table clearing techniques.
  12. Practice appropriate health and safety protocol to comply with contemporary legislation.

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