Customer Service QQI Level 4 & 5

QQI Level 5:  5N0972 Customer Service (5 days)  Full Course Brochure Available Here  

QQI Level 4: 4N1989 Customer Service (4 days) Full Course Brochure Available here  

Customized Workshops/Bespoke training available

 This dynamic and interactive training course will provide participants with practical, usable and current customer service skills, help them to develop confidence in dealing with consumers and enable participants to tackle challenging situations or problems with ease. Our industry experts provide effective and professional customer service training that will enhance and improve any participant’s or organization’s customer relations profile. This course is aimed at professionals currently working in a customer focused environment, for those seeking employment in any service industry, or for individuals interested in improving or enhancing their customer service skills.

On completion of this course, participants will:

  1. Identify key features of good customer service, including making a good first impression and meeting the customer’s needs.
  2. Recognize the rating systems applied by Regulatory bodies in a range of service industries.
  3. Comprehend customers’ perception & identify how it can affect a business.
  4. Apply the personal skills, qualities and attitude needed to deliver first class service.
  5. Effectively select and use appropriate communication technologies.
  6. Utilise written and verbal skills to include appropriate style, language and tone when interacting with customers.
  7. Effectively handle a range of correspondence and records when providing services to customers e.g. invoices, payments and correspondence.
  8. Demonstrate team or group appreciation in providing customer care.
  9. Handle a range of challenging situations to include late and unexpected arrivals, customer errors and difficult customers.
  10. Apply effective listening skills to deal with customers & showcase your dedication to solving their problems
  11. Expertly handle customer complaints to successfully avoid or solve conflict
  12. Be able to provide effective communication skills via email, telephone or one to one
  13. Maintain positive relationships with customers & provide clear relevant information

Customer Service QQI Level 5 certificate specification 

Customer Service QQI Level 4 certificate specification

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