Customer Service QQI Level 5

Course Name: Customer Service QQI Level 5

Course Code: 5N0972

Duration: 5 Day Programme


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Customer Service QQI Level 5

This QQI Level 5 Customer Service module is designed to provide learners with excellent customer service skills within an organization. This programme will equip you with the knowledge, skills and competence to provide effective customer service within a work, social or voluntary environment, operating independently or under supervision.

This programme is suitable for those who are looking to gain employment in a customer focused environment and wish to improve their own skills and methods of customer service. This programme is suited to those who are currently working within a customer focused environment or those who wish to up skills an enter in to a customer facing industry.

Course Overview

The following modules are completed

  • Principles of Customer Service
  • Standards and Ratings applied to the service industry
  • Relevant Legislation and Regulatory organizations and bodies.
  • The customers perceptions
  • Skills, qualities and attitudes required to delivered effective customer service
  • Communication technologies
  • Handling challenging situations
  • Team Work

Course Outcomes

  • Identify key features of good customer service, including making a good first impression and meeting the customer’s needs.
  • Understand the ratings systems applied by Regulatory bodies to the service industry.
  • Be able to have a clear understanding of how customers’ perception can affect a business.
  • Apply the personal skills, qualities and attitude to deliver fist class service.
  • Be able to use appropriate communication technologies.
  • Use written and verbal skills to include appropriate style, language and tone.
  • Effectively handle a range of correspondence and records providing services to customers e.g. invoices, payments and correspondence.
  • Demonstrate team or group work in providing customer care.
  • Handle a range of challenging situations to include late and unexpected arrivals, customer errors and difficult customers.

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