retailQQI Level 5: 5N1619 Retail Selling (5 days)

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A comprehensive training programme developed to prepare participants for employment in the retail sector.  This course will benefit those who wish to progress towards retail sales, management or related disciplines. This course is aimed at people who are currently working or who would like to enter into the retail sector.

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the features and benefits of a product or service
  2. Open and close sales using proven selling techniques
  3. Demonstrate comprehensive product knowledge & deliver a winning sales pitch
  4. Develop excellent communication channels with customer and apply relationship selling techniques
  5. Overcome customer objections during the sales process
  6. Outline the legal and moral responsibilities of a retailer towards consumers
  7. Process refunds, voids and vouchers using EPOS systems
  8. Manage challenges and deal effectively with customer complaints

QQI Certificate Specification 

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