retail displayQQI Level 5: 5N1851 Accommodation Techniques (5 days)

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This module will prepare learners for a career in accommodation services by engaging them in a set period of work placement which will offer first-hand insight into the demands of the industry. There will a period of onsite training during this module.

Combined with the QQI Level 5 programme Tourism Principles and Practice this course will provide the learner with excellent skills to enter into employment in the Tourism Sector.

On completion of the Accommodation Operations QQI Level 5 programme, learners will:

  1. Develop a basic knowledge of the Irish Tourism and Hospitality industry to include grading systems, accommodation service terminology, role definitions, key legislation, and customer expectations.
  2. Gain insight into the relevant hygiene, health and safety issues that guide the day to day operations in the hotel and hospitality sector.
  3. Have an understanding of security, safe lifting, fire safety, and PPE.
  4. Apply essential communication techniques and skills including customer care, sales, and service.
  5. Understand the importance of teamwork within this sector.
  6. Fully acknowledge the importance of personal and hotel hygiene.
  7. Understand the importance of ambiance and décor within the hotel.
  8. Gain an understanding of the techniques of a wide variety of general day to day duties including record/reporting systems (computerized & manual) to also include: stocking, reporting, recording, checking, sorting, storing and providing room service.

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