Accommodation Operations

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QQI Level 5: 5N3245 Accommodation Operations (5 days)

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Tourism Training Programme


This module will prepare learners for a career in accommodation services by engaging them in a set period of work placement which will offer first-hand insight into the demands of the industry. There will a period of onsite training during this module.

Combined with the QQI Level 5 programme Tourism Principles and Practice this course will provide the learner with excellent skills to enter into employment in the Tourism Sector.

Course Overview

The follow modules are completed

  • Accommodation Operations

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the Accommodation Operations QQI Level 5 programme, learners will

  • Develop a basic knowledge of the Irish Tourism and Hospitality industry to include grading systems, accommodation service terminology, role definitions, key legislation and customer expectations.
  • Gain an insight into the relevant hygiene, health and safety issues that guide the day to day operations in the hotel and hospitality sector.
  • Have an understanding of security, safe lifting, fire safety and PPE.
  • Apply essential communication techniques and skills including customer care, sales and service.
  • Understand the importance of teamwork within this sector.
  • Fully acknowledge the importance of personal and hotel hygiene.
  • Understand the importance of ambience and décor within the hotel.
  • Gain an understanding of the techniques of a wide variety of general day to day duties including record/reporting systems (computerized & manual) to also include: stocking, reporting, recording, checking, sorting, storing and providing room service.

 Course Locations

Accommodation Operations, QQI Level 5 will be held in Waterford.

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