Training Delivery & Evaluation 6N3326

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QQI Level 6: 6N3326 Training Delivery & Evaluation (4 days)

Customized training also available.

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By undertaking this module, participants will develop the practical training skills necessary to deliver professional training sessions to a target audience. Participants will develop a structured and systematic approach to their training delivery. By engaging in experiential exercises and dynamic discussions participants will improve their ability to choose appropriate training resources and delivery methodologies thus enhancing the experience for their learners. By the end of this training module, participants will integrate their learning and be able to effectively evaluate training as part of the cycle of continuous evaluation and improvement.


On completion of this course, Participants will:

  • Compare concepts and theories underpinning the development & delivery of training
  • Identify issues that are likely to impact the effectiveness of a training session for example group dynamics, learning environment, engagement, teaching methods etc
  • Increase their awareness of a range of issues to include equality, diversity and disability in the
    context of current legislation with regard to training diverse groups
  • Select appropriate training materials and aids to support training content
  • Appraise a range of evaluation models, approaches, tools and techniques used in the evaluation
    and monitoring of a training and development intervention and provide constructive feedback to
  • Design effective evaluation tools, suited to a training session: these tools should enable the trainer to determine
    whether or not training needs were met and the learning outcomes achieved.
  • Provide effective strength-based feedback to course participants
  • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the training using the evaluation tools selected
  • Develop a self-improvement action plan

Course Progression

Training Delivery & Evaluation is one module in the  Special Purpose Award in Training and Development (6S3372)  To complete the Special Purpose Award, participants are required to complete (Training Needs Identification & Design).

What will I gain from this module?

Deliver Professional Training

You will address both the theory and practice of delivering adult training. You will consider best practice training methods as well as key concepts underpinning adult learning. Most importantly you will practice delivering your own training sessions, gaining the experience needed to deliver premier training events.

Evaluate your own Training

You will examine a range of evaluation models and develop tools for revising and improving your training delivery.

Gain a Recognised Training Qualification

You will have a recognised qualification in training, demonstrating to employers and clients that you are a confident and qualified subject matter expert.

Who is this module for?

Training Delivery & Evaluation is for anybody who wishes to deliver training to adults professionally. Previous participants have included supervisors, managers, training professionals, team leaders, community workers and volunteers, operatives from the private, public and not for profit sectors.


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