Virtual Interviewing

✓ Develop a Virtual Mindset
✓ Get acquainted with  online platforms for interviewing
✓ Mitigate the potential for technical problems
✓ Create an action plan for virtual interviewing
✓ Explore opportunities for interview success
✓ Practice the STAR model for expanding your interview conversation

Modes of Delivery:
✓ Virtual Online
✓ Classroom
✓ Onsite

Virtual Interviewing

Overall it would seem that there are a good deal of advantages of virtual interviewing but there are almost as many disadvantages.  If you are planning an interview now or in the future it is worth considering what part of your prior interview experience will be an advantage but more importantly, select the experiences that are likely to trip you up and get busy developing a new skill set that will ensure your success. The aim of this workshop is to support you to develop  a virtual effectiveness approach to career planning, job applications and job interviews.  Workshop content will be presented through zoom and will include instructor presentations, discussion, brainstorming, video and other visuals to inspire dialogue and creativity.   During this workshop your instructor will help you to:

  • Get acquainted with  online platforms for interviewing: Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc
  • Check your LinkedIn profile or sign up for an account – you will be able to research the company and maybe even the interviewer – a great asset in the current context
  • Research the challenges of remote working – this will help you to broaden your conversation with the interview panel  
  • Carry out a SWOT analysis on your interview location – Identify potential derailers for instance:  shared spaces/internet issues /backdrop/ interruptions
  • Key Takeaways include:
  • Career Planning Workbook
  • Tools for Developing a Virtual Mindset
  • Conversational Intelligence Dashboard
  • 4 Strategies for Virtual Interviewing Effectiveness
  • STAR model

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Effectively use online platforms for career planning, job applications & interviewing
  2. Understand the challenges of remote job seeking and remote working
  3. Identify the challenges of home interviewing e.g. shared spaces/internet issues /setting up for an interview/avoiding interruptions
  4.  Apply strategies for virtual effectiveness and communicate more effectively with potential employers or education/training establishment  
  5. Use the conversational Intelligence dashboard to maximise the potential of your online conversations
  6. Practice online interview questions using the STAR model
  7. Explore self-care & relaxation methods to get you through an online interview

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How Long Does the Workshop take to Complete?

This particular workshop is 3.5 hours long and is highly engaging and interactive.

How do I get a Quotation?

Email us at or alternatively you can call Jim at 086 8587505.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes, we can provide a digital certificate on completion.

Who’s my trainer?

Our qualified trainers are all highly skilled in their field of expertise. Trainer profiles are available to view on the ‘Meet the Team’ page.