Facilitation/Meeting Skills


Good facilitation is the key to successful meetings and group interactions. Effective facilitation is guaranteed to promote successful outcomes.

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Leadership Training

leadership training

This continuous professional development (CPD) programme is aimed at professionals who wish to develop their leadership skills.

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Event Management

event management

This course will provide you with the skills required in order to prepare, facilitate and hold an event of any size within your organisation.

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Customer Service

customer service

This QQI Level 5 Customer Service module is designed to provide learners with excellent customer service skills within an organization. This programme will…

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Career Preparation

career preparation

Our Career Preparation workshops are aimed at currently employed individuals or job seekers who wish to make positive changes to their employment status.

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Reception/Office Skills


Our Reception / Front Office skills programme is aimed at those who are currently working within an organisation and who wish to upskill in order to develop their general reception.

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Employee Support

employee support

A comprehensive training programme developed to prepare learners for employment in retail selling situations. This course will benefit those who wish to progress towards…

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Recruitment/Interviewer Skills

recruitment skills

Participants who undertake this course will gain experience in how to conduct a successful interview campaign. Selecting the right candidate for a role is…

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Report Writing for Legal Purposes

report writing for legal purposes

Report Writing for Legal Purposes has been designed to enable learners to develop their skills in report writing with a specific legal focus.

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