Teambuilding and sustainable relationships are critical components of any workforce.  When employees and their leaders work together effectively their success as a team acts as a catalyst that increases motivation, confidence, and productivity.  A team (and leader/s) who feel good about themselves and those that they work with are more likely to function well over an extended period of time and are likely invest in their own development and that of the company they work for.  Best practice teambuilding skills can be applied in other areas of the business especially where the employee has been promoted or plans to seek out step up roles in the future.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. ·       Distinguish between traditional and modern approaches to teambuilding
  2. ·       Draw from the work of contemporary influencers 
  3. ·       Understand the function and practice of team dynamics 
  4. ·       Identify key strengths of their team and work collaboratively
  5. ·       Focus on objectives and assist the team through problem-solving 
  6. ·       Demonstrate thorough and consistent communication with their team
  7. ·       Hold team members accountable for agreed actions 
  8. ·       Act as a role model and positive influence on the team and the company
  9. ·       Increase productivity and team effectiveness by focusing on what matters
  10. ·       Lead their team effectively by adopting a best practice framework
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