Teamwork Skills for Team Leaders – Stepping Up

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Teamwork Skills for Team Leaders


This workshop is designed to equip team leaders and newly appointed managers with the skills and tools needed to improve their teamwork/leadership skills. Good teamwork helps to build cooperation within teams, therefore, enhancing team performance and organisational goals, and overall team morale.

In taking this course, team leads/managers will broaden their understanding of how to utilise, engage and effectively lead their teams to success. With support from industry experts and additional course materials, you will improve and enhance your team engagement skills to lead your team with confidence, purpose, and efficiency.

The following topics are covered on this workshop:

  • Analysis of high-performance teams
  • Team roles/responsibilities
  • Individual/team accountability for tasks/projects
  • Managing challenges
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication planning


By attending this course participants will:

  • Define the components of a high performing team.
  • Identify roles within teams and explore the importance of recognizing complementary strengths and skills within a team.
  • Develop clear and effective team communication strategies.
  • Overcome challenges and develop problem-solving solutions within teams.
  • Collaborate effectively with team members for team success.
  • Ensure team and individual accountability for assigned tasks.
  • Develop increased confidence as an effective leader.
  • Utilise techniques to gain team consensus, commitment, and create a clear vision for a team.
  • Engage effectively with conflict resolution techniques.


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